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Shears Bros Transport Ltd is looking for a Class 1 Driver for the Night Trunk support


Location: Bournemouth International Airport, Aviation Business Park, 427 Viscount Rd, Christchurch BH23 6NW
Description: LGV C1 Night Trunk- To collect and deliver our customers goods to and from the Hub on time every time and in a professional manner.

Working Hours:  Variable start times between 18:00 p.m. and 21:00 p.m., 50 hours a week with potential for overtime and inclusive of a performance related bonus  

Responsible for the timely and safe delivery and collection of goods as directed by the Traffic Office.  Undertaking these duties ensuring compliance with the requirements of the ‘Professional Drivers Handbook’ as issued by the Road Haulage Association (RHA). Also, you must follow the prescribed company processes & procedures as specified by the Network and Compliance Manager/Logistics Manager, ensuring all paperwork is completed correctly.

Principal Accountabilities:

Basic requirements as identified in the RHA Professional Drivers Handbook:

  • You are correctly licensed to drive the vehicle you are in charge of
  • That the vehicle you drive is both fit and safe to be on the road (daily checks – see below)
  • Any load is safe and secure (even if you didn’t load it)
  • The weight of the vehicle is within the legal limits (including axle weights)
  • You keep within the drivers’ hours regulations

Once out on the road, you must:

  • Drive to a safe standard, taking into account the size of the vehicle
  • Keep within the speed limits for the type and size of the vehicle you’re driving

Daily Routine:

Arrive on-site in sufficient time to plan your route as directed by the Traffic Office.  Ensure that Vehicle daily checks are completed and that any defects are reported. Report any issues and collect all paperwork from the Traffic Office.  Carry out deliveries in accordance with the planned route, contacting the Traffic Office immediately if any issues arise that impact your delivery schedule.  Contact the Traffic Office when all deliveries have been made for instructions on collections.  Return all paperwork to the Traffic Office at the end of each shift.

Vehicle loading and despatch:

  • Check that the goods loaded onto the vehicle match the delivery schedule (manifest)
  • Confirm the goods have been scanned onto the system
  • Obtain a planned route and identify any issues or concerns and resolve with the route planner
  • Verify the goods are secured adequately, rectify as necessary and depart

Goods collection/delivery and acceptance at the Customer site:

  • Make contact with the customer and arrange loading/unloading of goods, checking that there is no damage during that process
  • Obtain proof of collection/delivery (manual and/or electronic as required)

Communication with the traffic office:

  • Report any issues with making an on-time customer delivery
  • Reporting any vehicle defects or issues to the Traffic Office at the earliest opportunity
  • Report any incidents or breakages as soon as possible after they occur
  • Monitor your daily and weekly driving and working times, reporting if the times get close to the legal limits

Vehicle Management tasks:

  • Ensure your digital tachograph card /chart is inserted before undertaking any work;
  • Complete manual entries when required
  • Carry out daily vehicle walk rounds/inspections at the beginning of each shift in accordance with the company checklist
  • Complete the daily inspection sheet
  • Replace any defective bulbs prior to leaving the yard
  • Ensure correct levels of AdBlue, oil and water are maintained
  • Refuel as necessary either on-site or using fuel cards
  • Maintain cleanliness standards both inside and outside required by the Operations Manager
  • Manage vehicle security at all times when not being driven and parked away from home location
  • Download digital tachograph at the end of each shift/week

Monitoring and Recording Working Time:

Monitor personal driving and working time, taking breaks and use periods of availability where necessary (ensuring the tachograph mode switch is set to the correct position), to remain compliant with WTD and EU Rules. Record all incidents that impact on your ability to remain compliant, such as road diversions that cause last-minute detours, taking tachograph print outs and annotating them where necessary.

EU Drivers’ rules:

  • Daily driving limit – you must not drive for more than 9 hrs in a day (this may be extended to 10 hrs twice a week);
  • Weekly driving limit – this must not exceed 56 hrs;
  • Breaks – you must take breaks totalling up to 45 mins for each 4½ hour driving period.

Note: It is the Drivers’ responsibility to ensure their own compliance. Where an issue arises consult with and resolve this with the Network & Compliance Manager.

Uniform & PPE

Wear the supplied uniform and correct PPE for each task as required by the Health & Safety Executive. Minimum requirements are Safety Boots and Hi-Viz jacket/vest.

General Responsibilities 

Working towards and supporting Company goals, values and objectives. This requires ensuring that the highest level of quality of service is provided to both internal and external stakeholders at all times. Continuous improvement – encourage a culture of ‘continuous improvement’ and professional communication with customers at all time.


STRICTLY NO AGENCIES PLEASE - We work with a carefully selected set of recruitment agencies, and we are not looking to add to our approved supplier list at this time.

If you are interested in joining Pall-Ex, please email your CV and a covering letter to Ian.Hudson@sbtl.co.uk