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Pall-Ex provides quality pallet delivery services throughout its network, but how does pallet delivery work?

How A Pallet Delivery Network Works

Pall-Ex Hub and Spoke Model

How A Pallet Delivery Network Works

Pall-Ex is one of the biggest pallet delivery networks in the UK, with over 95 members across the country, including Scotland, Ireland and Wales. A pallet distribution network consists of many members working together to deliver palletised freight across the country, with each member delivering within their designated local areas. We use our ‘Hub-and-Spoke’ model to make deliveries across the country, where shipments are consolidated at one of our depots and then transported onward to complete the delivery.

We calculate the most efficient way to deliver your pallet, with one of our members will collecting your order at a designated time and location. The collecting member will bring your consignment to one of our transhipment hubs, Ellistown (central hub), Watford Gap (South central hub) or Rochdale (Northern hub). The deliveing member will then collect the freight and take it back to their depot where it will be transferred onto a smaller vehicle and delivered in the local area to a wide variety of businesses.

Because pallets are usually large and heavy and to ensure the safety of the driver, customer and general public, Pall-Ex's standard delivery option is kerbside.

The hub-and-spoke model

Pall-Ex Hub

What is a Pallet?

Pallets are large wooden crates used to transport goods securely. They are used to transport a wide variety of items around the globe. When wrapped and securely fastened, the pallet protects the freight when it is lifted and transported by forklifts into lorries, containers, ships, trains or planes!

Pall-Ex Delivery

Why Choose Pallet Delivery

Choosing pallet delivery can save your business money as it reduces packaging by shipping a large number of goods at once. It will help you save on shipping costs overall. Using a pallet distribution network will also help you easily consolidate and track your companies’ deliveries. Shipping by pallet also reduces the risk of damaging your goods in transit, as all pallets are safely wrapped, stacked and transported with care.

Pall-Ex Kerbside Delivery

Which Size Pallet Do I Need?

We provide both standard UK domestic sized pallets and European sized pallets. It is important to choose the correct sized pallet and optimise the space you have through packing. We also provide full, half and quarter size options. You need to avoid choosing too small a pallet size for your order, as an overhang on pallets can lead to damage and abrasions on your cargo.

Pall-Ex Forklift

How to use our Pallet Distribution Network

Millions of companies use pallet networks to collect and deliver their goods, every day. Pall-Ex delivers pallets on behalf of both companies and individuals.


Obtain a Quote – existing companies can obtain a quote by contacting their local depot or corporate accounts team. New customers can contact Pall-Ex for a quote on how much your request will cost to transport. You will need to choose your type of pallet and its destination. You can also transport across the globe using our International service which reaches across Europe and beyond.

Pall-Ex Kerbside Delivery

What Can I Send on a Pallet?

You can send most items through pallet freight distribution.
However, some items are restricted and prohibited these include: hazardous, fresh, chilled or frozen goods.

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