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Our simple step-by-step guide on how to safely prepare palletised freight for delivery.

The Pall-Ex Guide to Wrapping Palletised Freight

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The Pall-Ex Guide to Wrapping A Pallet

Why is it important to wrap palletised freight?


All palletised freight needs to be wrapped in stretch-wrap before being delivered for many reasons. This technique helps prevent damage to your items, or the loss of any product during distribution. Wrapping also protects the pallet from any moisture and dust, so the item arrives in exactly the same condition as it was sent in.

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Step-by-Step Guide

We have created a simple and effective guide on how to wrap your freight so that it’s ready for its journey through our network.

1. Clear the Area

Work in a secure area clear of any hazards. Observe health and safety procedures.

2. Secure the Wrap

Unroll roughly 60cm of wrap/ stretch film. Secure the wrap to the base of the pallet, fastening it around the corner of the block of the pallet.

3. Step Back

Grip the roll of wrap at either end, but do not put your hands inside the roll. Starting at the base, move backwards around the pallet, wrapping as you go. Wrapping the pallet base along with the freight, pull tightly as you move around the pallet.

4. Pull and Stretch

Continue tightly wrapping, rising and lifting the roll of wrap to enclose the consignment. Wrap the goods until you are certain that the consignment is secure.

5. Top it Off

Twist the wrap around and over one of the consignment’s top corners. Pull the roll across the top, twisting wrap around the opposite corner. Repeat this process, alternating corners, until there is adequate coverage.

6. Label and Ship

Attach the wrap to the body of the consignment to seal. Your pallet is now ready to be labelled and shipped!

7. Health and Safety Tips for Wrapping Freight

Where possible, use an automatic pallet wrapping machine. If you are dealing with large pallets, using an ergonomically correct dispenser will help with any back pain which occurs from bending down and walking to the side. If you are wrapping a lot of pallets at once, rotate the task between workers if possible, or take regular breaks to avoid any back strain or pain.


Give Pall-Ex A Call!

If your freight is irregularly shaped, overhangs the pallet base, or causes any concern at all, please contact your local Pall-Ex member for further guidance. Contact the Pall-Ex team here

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