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How the Pall-Ex
hub-and-spoke model works

The Pall-Ex hub-and-spoke model revolves entirely around delivering the most efficient and effective service for our members and their customers. 

Pall-Ex Hub and Spoke

Our operations

Hub-and-spoke model

The Pall-Ex hubs (Northern, Central and South Central) sit at the core of our hub-and-spoke model. The entire operational set-up is designed to maximise efficiency to serve clients better, increase profitability and create savings that members can pass on to their own clients - retaining their business and contributing to their own growth.

Members collect palletised freight from their customers throughout the day, organising and consolidating it at their own depot. This consolidated freight is then line-hauled to the Pall-Ex hub, with vehicles arriving at pre-defined time slots. Their outbound pallets are offloaded, and their inbound freight loaded onto the same vehicle, which then returns to the member’s own depot. The freight is then broken down at the member’s own depot onto smaller vehicles for deliveries to final local destinations including businesses, factories, farms and homes. 


 "We strongly feel that Pall-Ex share our ethos and vision, and we have watched as they have driven quality forward to set the standard for customer service in the palletised freight sector."

Pall-Ex hub-and-spoke

Extensive, efficient & modern

The reach of the Pall-Ex hub-and-spoke system also extends beyond the UK’s shores, into and across Europe and beyond. By following the same model throughout, we maintain and expand the same working practices and efficiencies, ensuring a consistent and dependable service.

By segregating the stages of the entire door-to-door process, this simple yet sophisticated system reduces risk in the delivery chain, while ensuring that local knowledge and relationships are maintained, and a truly international service is offered and delivered.

As you would expect, technology plays a significant role in the delivery of our service, not only in the operation of the Pall-Ex hubs and the planning of our logistics but also in supplying accurate and up-to-date information to clients through our MyNexus pallet tracking software. This bespoke software suite provides updates on the status of freight throughout the entire delivery chain and, most importantly, the final delivery details.

The Pall-Ex hub-and-spoke system is a proven and reliable model that brings operational and sustainability benefits to members, employees and customers alike. 

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