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Your partner for international pallet delivery

We understand that our customers need to know that their international pallet delivery is in safe hands, from the people at the forefront of our operation to the systems behind them. Our customers benefit from complete coverage of the continent, full track-and-trace visibility with our leading Nexus platform, and simple, fixed-rate tariffs along with a complete Euro pallet size offering.

Pall-Ex International is your dedicated platform for monitoring and tracking your consignments worldwide. No more hunting for delivery addresses or multi-lingual dictionaries; no more complex pricing calculations or currency exchange rate calculations; and no more waiting for international pallet delivery confirmations or tracking reports. Easy and straightforward consignment booking, a single pallet label to cover the entire transit and on-demand updates are all available via your customised dashboard, at the drop of a hat, 24/7/365.

Our video explains more about international pallet deliveries, the benefits of using the Pall-Ex International service and how we’ve simplified the process to make it faster and easier for you.


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International Distribution

With a sector-leading international freight offering from Pall-Ex, the possibilities are endless

Pallet deliveries to Italy

Pallet deliveries to France

Pallet deliveries to Germany

Pallet deliveries to Ireland

Pallet deliveries to Spain

Pallet deliveries to Romania

Pallet deliveries to CZSK

Pallet deliveries to Benelux

Delivering quality services

International Pallet Shipping Made Easy

Successful international pallet shipping is critical to many UK businesses, especially those with satellite branches or subsidiaries overseas. At Pall-Ex, our international pallet shipping network applies the same proven methodology as our UK operation, with numerous additional features to simplify the potential complexity that can arise from transporting across borders and continents.​

Our international pallet delivery setup is ‘country-neutral’ meaning that it doesn’t matter where your consignment starts or finishes; it doesn’t even have to set off, pass through or terminate in the UK. We provide point-to-point international pallet shipping across the continent and beyond, all backed up by the established and trusted Pall-Ex membership network as well as our bespoke and sophisticated tracking technology.

It means that with Pall-Ex, international pallet shipping from Milan to Madrid, Birmingham to Berlin or Prague to Peterborough is as easy as London to Leicester.

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