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Palletised freight must be correctly labelled before shipping. Follow these tips to avoid any errors when labelling your goods.

Labelling Palletised Freight for Distribution

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The Pall-Ex Guide to Labelling Freight

One of the most important steps in connecting your freight with its destination is to ensure that it is labelled clearly and correctly.

The Importance of Labels for Palletised Freight

Your Pall-Ex-compliant label contains all the information necessary for us to undertake the delivery; while its barcode allows our team to scan and register the consignment at every step on its route through our efficient distribution network. Take a second to familiarise yourself with these simple pointers, and you can be assured that we’ll do the rest!

1. Use Two Labels

It is imperative that we can read and scan your entire label, so please ensure two labels are attached, either side of every pallet of freight.

2. Keep Your labels Clean and Dry

Ideally, place your labels approximately 30cm from the ground, and keep them as clean and dry as possible.

3. Choose A Suitable Surface

Labels do not adhere well to some surfaces. These include wood, brick, and cold steel.

4. Attach Labels to the Front and Back of your Pallet


Pallets are loaded and unloaded from opposite sides of our trailers, so please fix one label securely to the front, and one to the back of your pallet of freight.

5. Struggling to Stick? Staple Your Labels

If your labels are not sticking, we ask that you staple them to the pallet base or crate, facing upwards.

6. Do Not Fold Your Labels

Please do not fold your labels around corners, or affix them to the top of your freight.

7. Make Sure Your Labels are Visible

Ensure that both labels are sealed smoothly and presented as levelly and flat as possible. Avoid affixing them to irregularly-shaped surfaces and do not apply wrap over the top of your labels – please make sure they are as visible as possible!

8. Why it is Important to Correctly Label Your Freight?

Unlabelled freight can result in large delays in delivery, whereas incorrectly labelled freight can end up getting delivered to the wrong address. An unlabelled or mislabelled pallet can lead to damage to your businesses’ reputation and frustration amongst both your customers and staff across the delivery supply chain. Correcting these issues can be costly in both time and money, so it is important that you ensure your freight is labelled clearly and securely.

Concerns? Give Pall-Ex A Call!

If your freight is irregularly shaped, overhangs the pallet base, or causes any concern at all, please contact your local Pall-Ex member for further guidance. Contact the Pall-Ex team here

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