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The Pall-Ex Guide to Insuring Your Freight

When it comes to freight distribution, it is essential that your freight is insured for damage, theft or loss.

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The Pall-Ex Guide to Insuring Your Freight

Pall-Ex (UK) Ltd is insured and place a level of liability on all freight moved throughout the network.

This insurance is clearly within the rates set for the movement of the consignment. All freight coverage is calculated by weight. Our standard level freight is covered at the industry standard (RHA) figure of £1,300 per tonne. This means a maximum of £1.30 is awarded for every kilogram of freight lost or damaged during transport.


This can be enhanced by request for a small additional fee, increasing the award to £5, £10 or £25 per kilogram. This is useful if your cargo is light in weight but of high value. If your freight is valuable, we would recommend selecting coverage which ensures the cost value of the goods in the event of an issue with the consignment.

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Preventing Freight Damage or Loss

Significantly less than 1% of freight transported through the Pall-Ex network sustains damage or loss. Pall-Ex works hard to continually reduce this already small figure. Freight damage can be prevented through goods being packaged correctly, anchored to the pallet correctly and by not overloading the pallet.


Pall-Ex also provides additional coverage for international freight distribution, known as CMR. This is required for all hauliers to carry cargo legally within Europe. The value of coverage is calculated based on the value of Special Drawing Rights, which awards just over £8.00 per kilogram.

Want to know more about our coverage?

At Pall-Ex, our trained staff can advise on the claims process and how to calculate what the appropriate level of coverage would be for a customer. 

Contact Us Today and talk to our team if you have any questions.


If you are a member looking for more support, please contact Gallagher Insurance who provide a quality, efficient, and safe insurance and risk solution to the entire Pall-Ex Group.

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