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The movement of goods is big business but with climate conservation becoming an increasingly big issue, it's time we looked towards better solutions. So, do pallet networks hold the key to greener distribution?

In the history of the logistics industry, pallet networks are a relatively new concept, initially created to provide a more cost-effective distribution solution. The hub-and-spoke model was implemented to improve final-mile logistics, while providing a more efficient service and reducing costs. However, an additional benefit of this system is that it also reduces the environmental impact of goods distribution.

The Pall-Ex hub sits at the heart of our hub-and-spoke model, which is where freight is consolidated before being sent out for distribution. Pall-Ex members collect freight in their local areas, line-haul it to the hub and offload their outbound pallets. Inbound pallets are then loaded on to the same vehicle and taken back to member depots for distribution in their local area.

It is this consolidation and rearrangement of freight that means pallet networks achieve an average vehicle fill of 76%, 22% higher than the wider road freight sector. This takes an estimated 800 vehicles off the road each day, resulting in less noise and less congestion. Minimised mileage means less fossil fuels are being burnt and fewer noxious gases are being released into our atmosphere.

Collaboration between network members is also essential. Teamwork and cooperation mean sending your freight through the Pall-Ex network will result in a smaller carbon footprint for your business, helping to ease your environmental conscious.

Not only are pallet networks kinder to the environment, but they are also kinder to your wallet, providing an efficient service that proves to be more cost-effective than other distribution methods.

Pallet networks demonstrate that collaboration and consolidation are key when it comes to driving greener solutions – two things that Pall-Ex have been doing for over 25 years.

If you are looking to send freight to anywhere in the UK or beyond, Pall-Ex offers a reliable, efficient, and greener solution for you and your business.

Statistics sourced from The APN website.