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Pall-Ex delivers Halloween pumpkins

Pall-Ex shareholder member K2 Transport is helping to deliver a spooky Halloween once again this year, thanks to its continued partnership with a local pumpkin producer.

Hatfield Park Pumpkins have been producing scarily good pumpkins from their base near Stanstead airport in Essex for the last six years and K2 helps them to deliver to businesses throughout the UK via the Pall-Ex network.

Every year, the team at Hatfield Park carefully harvest their pumpkins, ensuring only the best are selected!

This year alone, the Pall-Ex shareholder member will transport over 50,000 pumpkins to wholesalers and retailers nationwide via the Pall-Ex network, ahead of Halloween.

The pumpkins are destined for a variety of locations, including farm shops, garden centres and wholesalers and can be made into traditional Jack-o'-lanterns or used to make delicious, warming, autumnal food favourites.

With such a diverse range of customers across the country, it is important for the team at Hatfield Park that they have confidence in their logistics partner.

K2 Transport has helped to support this pumpkin project, carving out a strong relationship with the team at Hatfield Park, which has seen a five-fold increase in the number of pumpkins transported each year, since growing began.

Owner of Hatfield Park, Ross McGowan, explains how the logistics company helped facilitate year-on-year growth of their business.

He said; “Nick and the team at K2 have been integral to our continued growth in the last few years.

“Their approach to customer service and finding solutions that work for us has really given us the opportunity to build what we have today.

"Using K2 gives us access to the Pall-Ex network, which opens the door to efficient, cost-effective national and international pallet delivery, meaning we can continue to increase the number and range of customers we work with across the UK.”

Producing and transporting this many pumpkins can create a few challenges, but thankfully K2 and Pall-Ex is able to put any scares Hatfield Park might have, firmly to bed.

Ross comments; “One of the main challenges we have faced previously was ensuring all the pumpkins arrived and weren’t stolen, as they can be an easy target for theft as they are unwrapped and open.

“K2 and Pall-Ex give us confidence that our pallets will arrive safely, thanks to the tight security and stringent checks they have in place at the depot and at the central hub as well as the brilliant MyNexus tracking technology”.

Nick Pearce from K2 Transport has worked closely with Ross and the team at Hatfield Park Pumpkins and is proud to see the partnership go from strength to strength.

He comments; “We are really pleased to see our partnership with Hatfield Park continue to grow and that we, along with Pall-Ex, can help deliver spooky goods to people around the country.

We hope that the pumpkin business continues to grow in the coming years and we will be able to support Hatfield Park as their business continues to succeed.”

The partnership between Hatfield Park Pumpkins, K2 Transport and Pall-Ex demonstrates that palletised pumpkin delivery needn’t be scary!

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