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Founded in 1996, Pall-Ex is the multi-award winning leading provider of palletised freight distribution services in the UK and Europe. Our values are quality, innovation and passion for what we do, which underpin our business strategy and set us apart from the competition. Our growing network allows customers to send freight all over the UK and Europe by utilising our hub-to-hub connections, providing a faster service with guaranteed delivery dates.

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Why should you become a Pall-Ex member?

Whether you are a large transport operator or a small family-owned business, the unique quality-driven ethos of Pall-Ex, coupled with our successful operational model, enables your business to thrive alongside ours.

  • Pall-Ex is the only pallet network to achieve a network-wide ISO9001:2015 certification. This means that every single member operates under a joint mark of quality. All collections and deliveries on behalf of the network are audited to deliver the highest possible levels of service to your customers.

  •  Pall-Ex is recognised for its innovation, robust infrastructure and the ground-breaking use of logistics technology. All members have access to our bespoke IT system, allowing you to manifest, label, track-and-trace and invoice freight travelling through the system.

  • In addition to raising your profile by belonging to the Pall-Ex network, your company can consistently share in a vast daily pallet throughput, guaranteeing increased turnover and profits.

  •  You will have access to additional revenue streams; delivering your fellow members’ freight into your local zone and your new customer base.

  • Being part of Pall-Ex can also help you cut your overheads. Many members have reduced their fleet size by eliminating empty running and improving average vehicle fill.

  • Pall-Ex is revolutionising European palletised freight distribution, allowing customers to send freight all over Europe by utilising our hub-to-hub connections, providing a faster service with guaranteed delivery dates. Pall-Ex’s European presence has been growing rapidly over recent years with successful networks already established throughout Europe

  • The pallet network model provides a more efficient method for distributing goods, whilst at the same time significantly reducing the carbon footprint of freight. These cleaner, greener credentials clearly demonstrate Pall-Ex’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Today, many blue-chip customers choose Pall-Ex and its members over traditional distribution methods, such as dedicated fleets, because of the many cost and environmental benefits.

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