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Member Stories: DBL Logistics

Back in 1983, DBL Logistics started out delivering white goods to households across the area. After years of steady growth and expansion, DBL Logistics joined another pallet network, but have recently made the switch to become a Pall-Ex shareholder.

It was a significant move, as for over a decade DBL had been a key, founding member of the United Pallet Network (UPN). So, what inspired this shift in business and such a monumental change in DBL’s journey?

Adam Boyd, Operations Director at DBL Logistics, talks through the decision to join Pall-Ex and leave their previous network behind.

What have been the positives for DBL Logistics on joining Pall-Ex?

Adam answers, “About two years ago Pall-Ex approached us about an opportunity for some extra postcodes. We initially decided to keep our business with both networks, as we’d been with UPN for years and had been doing well.

“After about a year of doing both networks, we made the decision to take on more areas and further commit our business to the network of Pall-Ex members.

"The positives for us have really been the like-mindedness we’ve found with the Pall-Ex network. The management team are really ambitious, and we have the same ethos, holding everything we do to the same high standards."

Adam continues, “Our decision to back away from our roots was a hard one, as we had done well there. However, we knew we needed to take the next steps into growing our company, and ensuring that growth continues into the future. With Pall-Ex we actually became a shareholder member, too, which was a fantastic selling point.”

What made you choose Pall-Ex over other networks?

Adam explains, “Pall-Ex’s pan-European network was a big pull, as we’re now a one-stop-shop for our customers, able to offer brilliant services internationally.

“The innovative technology and the high industry standards that Pall-Ex offers was a big draw, too. Plus, we have had approaches from lots of other networks, however, we just knew we aligned best with Pall-Ex’s drive for quality.”

How has being part of the network impacted operational efficiency?

Adam notes, “It has affected the business a lot. We now have connections throughout the entire country and Europe.”

“We don’t need to take any volume to third parties any more. We can load it into Sheffield, and it’ll be delivered wherever the network takes it, through a tracked, transparent system of high-quality hauliers.”

Has technology provided by Pall-Ex impacted your business?

Adam explains, “Initially, the systems were very old. Logistics can be hard to catch up, but since MyNexus launched a year ago, it’s been excellent.

“With all the new add-ons for the MyNexus software, and more being rolled out consistently, you get a complete, visual look at where the pallet is. It’s a fully transparent way of doing business, as you just know Pall-Ex is a brand you can immediately trust.”

Adam continues, “Even if a delivery occasionally goes wrong, it’s still fully tracked and traceable at all times. Pall-Ex’s transparency and advances in technology have meant the entire industry to a higher standard.”

How has Pall-Ex’s international membership contributed to your operations?

Adam explains, “It has allowed us, with several of our biggest customers, to look at new ventures. Throughout Poland and Bulgaria, we’ve started deliveries that just weren’t possible before.

“As such, we’re hopeful that this service offering will attract much larger names - high street businesses that everyone knows about. Being a part of the Pall-Ex network allows growth whilst strengthening existing partnerships, ensuring nothing is compromised.”

“As mentioned above, Pall-Ex allows us to link with similar-minded businesses, who also want to offer growth and full transparency. We can figure out who does what to strengthen the entire network – other owners become friends, not just counterparts.”

Do you have plans to grow in the future?

Adam answers, “Definitely. We’ll grow at the same rate as Pall-Ex, which is exciting. Our shares that are now held with Pall-Ex solidifies the growth that’s imminent. We want to spread our growth and wealth across the whole network, with international members. We also have the possibility of opening a new site in 2020."

“There are no real disadvantages to our area, as we’re directly off the M1. We can easily take on new areas, distribution centres, or help other members during busy times.”

Is there anything else you'd like to add about DBL?

Adam replies, “We won New Depot of the Year in the Pall-Ex awards in 2019. We have such a good relationship with the entire Pall-Ex team, which we’re really excited to maintain and develop going forward.

“The DBL team have worked closely with so many members of the network, and we’re often very similar minded. Its early days and we’ve got ambitious plans, but we’re excited what we’ll achieve in the next few years.”

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