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Why choose Pall-Ex?

Pall-Ex specialises in palletised freight distribution and is widely recognised as a pioneer in the industry. Together with our network members, we focus on delivering a quality service to all customers throughout the globe.

It is this commitment to customer service that resulted in Pall-Ex being recognised as the No.1 network for quality, after receiving and retaining the ISO 9001:2015 standard for network-wide quality.

Recruiting the finest haulage companies that share our vision of providing first-class delivery helps to maintain the high-quality service that our network prides itself on.

Shareholder members of the Pall-Ex network work together using the well-established hub-and-spoke model, allowing us to provide 100% UK postcode coverage. The Pall-Ex central hub sits at the centre of our model with an additional hub in the North. Freight is brought into either hub by our members, where we consolidate it and send it back to the relevant depot for distribution in their local area. This set up allows us to increase vehicle utilisation which improves efficiency and reduces the number of lorries on the road.

Our operations extend beyond UK borders and into Europe through the help of our international partners. Thriving master licensee networks across numerous countries including France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Portugal, and the Benelux region allow for effective freight distribution at competitive rates. Having international partners across the continent makes sending a pallet from Portsmouth to Prague as easy as Birmingham to Bristol. The Pall-Ex international service operates in over 30 countries, offering a fantastic option to those looking to send small consignments of freight overseas.

We offer a range of pallet services for all occasions. Pall-Ex can meet all your palletised freight requirements, whether you are sending quarter, half, or full pallets on a standard or euro base. If circumstances require something a little different, we also provide bespoke and oversized pallet delivery to accommodate your unique requirements.

Pall-Ex is also unique in the way its hub operates. Pall-Ex uses a non-drive through system, which is different from many other pallet networks. The non-drive through system helps to keep the hub clean because vehicles are not bringing in dirt and rainwater. This keeps the freight cleaner and provides more room for the storage and movement of pallets, making the hub a safer place to work.

Pall-Ex offers the award winning MyNexus pallet tracking software to its stakeholders. This bespoke software provides updates on the whereabouts of your freight during every step of the delivery process, as well as including the final delivery details.

Working as part of the Pall-Ex network offers members the exciting opportunity to become shareholders. Pall-Ex’s unique shareholder structure means the network is partly owned by the members, putting them in the driving seat when it comes to business operations.

Our shareholder membership is about providing a seamless distribution solution for all customers by working together effectively and allowing both small and large transport companies to thrive alongside our successful operations.

Pall-Ex UK works closely with their sister network Fortec to ensure they are each providing the best possible service to their customers. After acquiring the Fortec Distribution Network in 2020, Pall-Ex Group has gone from strength to strength with a combined total of around 160 network members.

In addition to this, Pall-Ex is committed to supporting members of the Armed Forces community. Holding the Gold Employer Recognition Scheme Award from the Ministry of Defence highlights Pall-Ex as a Forces Friendly employer and emphasises the work we do to support ex-military, those currently serving, and their families.