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Update: Road Closure

The diversion will continue for the next six weeks.

“Having voiced our criticism of Leicestershire County Council’s inadequate and risky road closure plans for the B585, we are disappointed that works will continue to take place for the next six weeks. We believe the diversion route, which will force 700 Pall-Ex lorries through local villages, including Ravenstone and Ibstock, is a major safety issue and will have a negative impact on our business.

“We strongly object to this decision and despite meeting with the Council to attempt to mitigate this situation, we are disappointed that our concerns have not been addressed. There has been a lack of engagement with Pall-Ex and the local community during the planning of the new Mountpark Bardon development, however, we will collaborate and communicate with the Council to ensure the safety of the community and our drivers.

“We have communicated the diversion route to our entire membership of SMEs and will be looking to ensure individual members do not use routes other than the Council approved diversion.

“We encourage any members of the local community who have concerns to communicate issues directly to the Environment and Transport Department at Leicestershire County Council.”

Kevin Buchanan, Group managing director at Pall-Ex

Leicestershire County Council contact:


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