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The benefits of what3words

Pall-Ex has integrated what3words, a simple location tool used worldwide, to help improve delivery efficiency.

What is what3words?

what3words is a simple location tool used worldwide, helping individuals to identify precise locations without relying on a street address.

Every 3-metre square across the globe has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. This benefits millions, being the easiest way to find and share exact locations.

Countless businesses use what3words to improve the efficiency and customer care, especially logistics companies. what3words doesn’t only support businesses, it also supports emergency services all around the world, finding those in need of help to share their precise locations when it matters most.

What are the benefits?

A frequent struggle impacting customer experience is the difficulty in pinpointing a precise delivery location quickly and effortlessly. With the use of what3words this can be averted.

Street addresses don’t always direct drivers to the correct entrance, with postcodes in rural areas covering a large area, which presents various challenges.

what3words improves efficiencies, enhances customer experience, whilst offering smoother journeys and saving lives.

How Pall-Ex is benefitting from using what3words?

The Pall-Ex Group and what3words have collaborated, aiming to resolve the challenges faced when delivering goods improving the experience of thousands of customers, allowing them to add a what3words address to their delivery address within its sector leading IT system, Nexus.

The integration is a first in the pallet network industry, making it easier for members and customers of both, Pall-Ex and Fortec networks to access the exact location of their deliveries.

Improving urban deliveries

Pall-Ex shareholder member, Premier Palletised Limited (PPL), based in North-West London understand the challenges that may be encountered in urban areas, providing collection and delivery services in the heart of the capital.

Managing Director of PPL, Adam Hopcroft, explains how what3words will improve the customer experience and that of his drivers.

He explains: “what3words, will help PPL in a very positive way. Many of our deliveries are residential.

“As you can appreciate, our drivers are faced with continuous hard-hitting traffic, and this will allow them to get to the exact locations with ease and efficiency.

"Being able to have precise locations in central London can be the difference between making a critical delivery or missing a deadline.”

Precision for delivery in rural areas

Just like urban areas, rural postcodes can present unique challenges, with large areas covered by just one address.

what3words removes this challenge thanks to its precise location functionality.

Pall-Ex founder member and shareholder member PMB Pallet Express operates throughout Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, covering a range of rural and urban areas.

General Manager of PMB, Ben Lavin has been a strong advocate of the introduction of what3words since the proposal was made in early 2021.

Explaining the benefits to the business, he comments: “I think the use of what3words is fantastic. If depots and their customers get on board with this it could save hundreds of hours across the network every week where drivers are looking for sites and homes, especially.

"In challenging rural locations where a postcode covers large areas, knowing which side of a field or which farm entrance to use makes a drastic difference to our customers’ experience.”

This benefits both Pall-Ex members and customers, providing a trouble-free delivery service by offering the correct location every time.

It is an easy way of communicating and can be integrated into existing technology currently available, further improving the performance of logistics, where customers receive a more accurate ETA and get their packages on time.