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Premier Palletised Ltd has recently invested a staggering £1.5 million in a brand-new fleet of Mercedes-Benz vehicles to replace its old fleet and enhance delivery performance.

The shiny new fleet comprises three 44 tonne Mercedes-Benz Gigaspace tractor units, four double-deck trailers, five 18 tonne Mercedes-Benz Actros rigid curtainside units, and four Mercedes-Benz Luton curtainside units.

Adam Hopcroft, managing director at PPL commented: “We’re fully committed to delivering a quality service and making sure our drivers can complete their deliveries as efficiently as possible, and to do that we need to have a fleet of high standard vehicles. We’ve invested a huge amount in our fleet to make sure it’s fully up to scratch, completely replacing the old fleet to significantly minimise breakdowns and downtimes.

“We’ve also equipped all of our C and D vehicles with an extra-large tail-lift alongside an electric pump truck to assist drivers with the manual side of collections and deliveries.”

Corporate video

As well as heavily investing in its impressive new fleet, PPL has recently filmed a fresh corporate video inside the grounds of Wembley Stadium; which will be live on the firm’s website and company YouTube channel by the end of July this year.

Adam Hopcroft said: “As we’re a local business to Wembley Stadium, and actually have seven seats in Club Wembley, we were granted permission to film in their grounds, which only adds to the impressiveness of our brand in the new video.

“The video will strengthen our company image and drive our brand, illustrating the strong and diverse fleet that we operate as well as the team of exceptional staff that we employ.

“Filming the corporate video took around five hours. Our amazing operational staff as well as 25 exceptional drivers all gave up their Saturday morning to film the video. Once it was done, as a thank you for sparing their free time to help out with a business cause, we all went to the pub and filled up on some well-deserved pizzas and pints.”

Football club

PPL is also experiencing success outside of the business realm. The Legionaire Football Club, sponsored and supported by the Pall-Ex depot, has recently won the Hendon League Cup as well as the Middlesex Cup.

PPL provides the team with financial support as well as supplying the football kit for each of the players, which proudly displays the PPL logo.

Andrew Brennan, PPL driver and centre mid-field for the Legionaire FC commented: “It’s fantastic to have PPL sponsoring the football team. For me in particular, it’s a real honour to work for a company that not only takes an interest in its staff’s hobbies outside of work but also supports them.

“The entire team worked extremely hard and did an amazing job to win both the Hendon League Cup as well as the Middlesex Cup, and we wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support that PPL offers the team.”

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