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Pall-Ex Sponsoring Leicester Mercury Leadership Award

What Makes a Great Team?

Pall-Ex Sponsoring Leicester Mercury Leadership Award

Pall-Ex is proud to announce it is sponsoring the Pall-Ex Award for Leadership Team at the 2019 Leicester Mercury Business Awards.

We are looking for the best leadership team in Leicestershire – a group of passionate and motivated individuals who have worked together to bring their business to the next level.

The Leicester Mercury Business Awards celebrate the success and highlight the innovative companies throughout Leicestershire who are putting their region on the map by boosting the economy while making a positive contribution to the local community.

Kevin Buchanan, Group Managing Director at Pall-Ex, said:

"Pall-Ex are honoured to be part of the Leicester Mercury Business Awards 2019. As a local business we are committed to supporting the local community and encouraging collaboration and teamwork across all industries. We truly recognise the value of teamwork in business success having won the 2017 Motor Transport Award for Team of the Year and are proud to sponsor the Award for Leadership Team. We wish all nominees the very best of luck and are thoroughly looking forward to the awards evening.”

What will the judges be looking out for? We asked our own leadership team, winners in the Team of the Year award at the Motor Transport Awards, what qualities make a great leader, and which famous leaders in business have inspired them:

Who is a Leader Who Inspires You?

“Winston Churchill had the vision and self-belief to stick to his guns when others were wrongly criticising him.” Kevin Buchanan, Group Managing Director at Pall-Ex

“Richard Branson inspires me because he has thought and vision and as a leader and knows his strengths and his weaknesses. He empowers others to lead his organisation whilst he continues to inspire.” Sue Buchanan – Director of Network Services at Pall-Ex

“Alex Ferguson. His work ethic, drive and determination to succeed is a massive inspiration. He certainly portrays that what you put into something you will get back out.” Dave Dunhill, Director of IT at Pall-Ex

“Richard Branson, because his vision challenges the status quo and pushes the envelope of possibilities in business, such as the Virgin Galactic venture.” Anand Assi, International Development Director

“Former England Rugby coach Clive Woodward, who gave the team an inner belief that they were already more disciplined and had a head start over the competition.” Mark Steel, Sales and Marketing Director

What quality do you believe makes a good leader?

“Vision, determination and a passion for what you want to achieve.” Kevin Buchanan

“(Alex Ferguson’s) understanding of people was key to him being a good leader. Some people will be motivated by a private conversation, or subtly mentioning something in a comical way. Others are more tough and may need a strict word to get them motivated. He leads from the front and sets high standards.” Dave Dunhill

“Inspirational with an entrepreneurial flair, and motivational with an excellent support structure.” Sue Buchanan

“The ability to affect a shared vision; by empowering and inspiring team members to deliver to common goals.” Anand Assi

“Confidence – When you are up against it and the team are in need of re-assurance, the person at the top should be an inspirational leader.” Mark Steel

What makes a leadership team work well together?

“A mix of positivity, ‘can-do’ attitude and focus – as well as a mutual respect for one another.” Sue Buchanan

“The three T’s – Truth, Trust and Transparency. Without the presence of these, your team will be set to fail.” Dave Dunhill

“A good balance of skills and mutual respect for each other’s abilities and contribution to team achievements.” Kevin Buchanan

“Bringing a complimentary set of skills and experience to help deliver a shared vision.” Anand Assi

“Everyone knowing their job and their part in the ‘big-picture’. Knowing the team objectives at an early stage and ensuring that everyone has the same attitude.” Mark Steel

Nominations close on Friday 11th January 2019. We wish the nominees luck!

We will find out the winner of the award on Thursday April 11th 2019 at the fabulous awards presentation evening.


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