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Pall-Ex members cut the cost for mental health charity

Pall-Ex members Pall-Ex South West (D10) and Surrey Pallitz (D41) assisted leading mental health charity SANE in transporting a Black Dog statue named Horace free-of-charge to Wimbledon High School in London; which will be used as part of a campaign by the charity.

The Black Dog Campaign aims to reduce the stigma, prejudice and exclusion surrounding mental illness, and encourage more people of all ages to seek help. The Black Dog statues take the subject of mental health into schools, colleges and the workplace.

Exeter-based member Pall-Ex South West collected Horace from the Devon and Cornwall Police Headquarters.

Roger Tancock, Pall-Ex South West depot principal commented: “For many people, mental health remains a taboo topic. In my life, I’ve known several friends and family members that have suffered from various mental health problems and understand the difficulty that many people go through, especially when it comes to having open discussions surrounding mental health.

“We were delighted to be able to support SANE’s valuable work in breaking down the barriers and normalising the discussion to benefit the younger members of our society.”

Horace was then transported through the Pall-Ex hub and delivered into London by Surrey-based member Surrey Pallitz.

Chris Pleece, managing director of Surrey Pallitz added: “Mental health in all stages of life often comes with surrounding stigma and preconceptions. It’s important that people are educated on the reality of mental health, especially within the younger generation, in order to change society’s current perception of the subject; which is why the work that SANE does is so worthwhile.

“Often people with mental health illnesses feel isolated and that they have nowhere to turn. Acting to improve mental health services and provide people with knowledge of the professional help that they can benefit from is invaluable, and we were happy to be a part of such a significant campaign.”

Marjorie Wallace CBE, Chief Executive and founder of SANE said: “Over the last few years we’ve seen a very worrying rise in mental illness amongst young people. We know from our experience that the Black Dog statue helps people to define their experience of this ‘invisible’ condition, as well as promoting more open discussion, understanding and acceptance.

“We’re extremely grateful to both Pall-Ex South West and Surrey Pallitz for offering their help and for transporting our Black Dog at no cost to us. Their efforts allow us to continue educating people on mental health and working towards shaping a society of acceptance and understanding.”


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