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Pall-Ex introduces the new ‘Parcel Pallet’ to make large and multiple parcel distribution easier

Pall-Ex Group continues to innovate its product offering by introducing a new pallet size designed specifically for parcel distribution.

The new Parcel Pallet is a first-to-market offering within the pallet network sector. It offers a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to send large parcel and multiple parcel consignments. The Parcel Pallet also has the advantage of greater weight capacity and reduced damaged rates, compared to traditional methods of parcel distribution.

Three Parcel Pallets with boxes

Leading palletised freight distribution provider, Pall-Ex Group, operates a hub-and-spoke model that revolves entirely around delivering the most efficient and effective service for its members. With the introduction of the Parcel Pallet, businesses who send parcels can now benefit from Pall-Ex Group’s quality promise of excellent service performance.

The new Parcel Pallet definition measures 0.6m x 0.8m x 1m and offers a maximum weight of 150kg. This differs from the standard base micro pallet currently offered within the sector, as it is has a smaller footprint but almost double the height. This is a first-to-market pallet for the sector and will revolutionise the way businesses send larger and multiple parcel consignments. This product offers businesses a viable alternative to traditional parcel distribution for the larger parcel consignments, covering the grey area between large parcels and smaller pallet deliveries.

Parcel Pallet with dimensions

The introduction of the innovative product offering on 1st July opens opportunities for Pall-Ex Group to expand into new markets. This new and improved way to distribute large and bulky parcels, reacts to the dynamic and competitive needs of customers within the marketplace.

Furthermore, a weight capacity of 150kg means there is added flexibility when sending smaller but heavier items, such as automotive equipment or air conditioning units. This reduces the risk of damage compared to traditional parcel delivery methods, such as cages, where parcels may be manually handled in a way that causes damage.

Pall-Ex Managing Director - UK Group, Barry Byers comments: “After reviewing our full product range, we noticed that there was a gap in the market for an efficient and cost-effective way to send larger parcels, particularly those that lie in the grey area between parcel and pallet delivery.

“We are delighted to bring this market leading initiative to the pallet network sector and are excited about the unique selling proposition that this will provide to our members.”

To find out more about how Pall-Ex can support your logistics needs, please visit here.