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Pall-Ex Group delivers road safety initiative to the next generation

The Leicestershire-based distribution network is participating in Brake’s Road Safety Week by visiting local schools and demonstrating how to stay safe around larger vehicles.

The theme of Road Safety Week 2022 is ‘Safe Roads for All’, which follows on from the changes made to the hierarchy of road users in the Highway Code earlier this year. The updates place large vehicles at the bottom of the hierarchy, since they have the potential to cause the most damage and therefore bear the greatest responsibility on the roads. This means that extra precaution should be taken around these vehicles, something that Pall-Ex Group is highlighting to local school children so they can keep themselves and others safe.

The Pall-Ex Road Safety Initiative teaches children about how to stay safe around large vehicles by taking a lorry to local schools and doing a series of demonstrations to help the children understand the restricted view of the road that the drivers have.

The demonstration explained sight, sound and safety, including what the driver can see in their mirrors, what and where the blind spots are, what the driver can hear and how loud the engine is, and how to walk safely around the vehicle so the driver can see you.

The children were also all given a hi-vis jacket that they can use on the walk to and from school or when out on their bikes, further emphasising how they can stay safe on the roads during the dark winter months.

The sessions were delivered by Kelvin Sidaway, Head of Group QHSE, and Sian Morley, Group Marketing Manager, at schools across Northwest Leicestershire.

Sian commented: “We feel it is imperative that the children understand the dangers that being around the roads can pose, particularly when there are large vehicles nearby. The Pall-Ex Road Safety Initiative was designed to demonstrate safe practices when out and about on the roads and explain to the children why it is so important to be much more cautious around lorries and other large vehicles.”

Thanks to Pall-Ex, hundreds of local schoolchildren are now equipped with the knowledge to keep them safe on the roads.


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