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Pall-Ex Group Appoints Warehouse and Logistics Director

Pall-Ex Group, a leading pallet distribution network, is pleased to formally announce the strategic appointment of Carl White as Warehouse and Logistics Director.

Carl joins the executive team with an impressive portfolio, having accumulated over 23 years of extensive experience in the logistics sector including his recent position at Knights of Old.

Having joined the executive team in November, Carl is at the forefront of developing Pall-Ex Group’s pioneering Logistics 3PL division, a strategic initiative which will see the development of warehousing and logistics centres positioned in close proximity to the Pall-Ex Group hub facilities to gain a competitive advantage.

This venture, set to become operational in Q1 2024, represents a significant advancement in the company’s service offerings.

In a statement, Carl White remarked, "Joining Pall-Ex Group represents a pivotal moment in my career. The opportunity to contribute to an organisation that is at the cutting edge of logistics solutions is both inspiring and aligns perfectly with my professional ethos. The logistics sector is a cornerstone of global commerce, and I am committed to enhancing our operational capabilities to better serve our diverse client base."

Addressing the challenges of the role, Carl notes the relentless nature of the logistics industry as a demanding yet crucial aspect of ensuring seamless service delivery. He remains an advocate for professional development within the sector, encouraging aspiring logistics professionals to embrace the diverse and dynamic opportunities the industry presents.

Barry Byers MD of Pall-Ex Group, commented, "Carl's appointment is a testament to our commitment to attracting top-tier talent. Our strategic direction has been developing over the past few years and the launch of this division will add competitive synergies aligned to our core business. This will provide added value to our shareholder members and our customers as we diversify to offer a seamless and visible solution direct from our storage centres through to the delivery point. Our warehousing and logistics activities will only support our growth trajectory and further reinforce our market position."


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