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Pall-Ex delivers an industry leading product mix by introducing four new pallet sizes

As part of its ongoing commitment to delivering an excellent service, Pall-Ex Group has strengthened its offering by introducing four new pallet sizes. Supporting consignments of up to 1200kg, the new products are an industry best-in-class pallet size solution benefiting a much wider range of customers across several sectors.

Pall-Ex has extended the offering across its two product ranges plus added new pallet base to differentiate from the competition. The standard pallet base range will include a new Micro and the Full Light Pallet, with the euro pallet base incorporating the Euro Light. The unique and first to market Parcel Pallet will offer a smaller base than the euro but offer more height to target the large multi parcel market.

Pallets with dimensions

The addition of the new products signifies the most substantial change to Pall-Ex’s product range in the last 10 years. The award-winning Group is committed to delivering the most efficient and effective service for its members and customers, which was behind the driving force to introduce the new products. This means it will now offer the member network and its customers an unrivalled product range which can service a wide selection of customer needs.

The Micro Pallet is perfect for freight from decorator centres or automotive parts. Whilst the Full Light Pallet is attractive for large bulky products that are low in weight e.g., bathroom appliances. The Parcel Pallet is first-to-market in the pallet network, and allows a cost-effective, efficient, and secure way to send large parcel and multiple parcel consignments.

Barry Byers, Managing Director – UK Group at Pall-Ex Group, says “We have spent considerable time reviewing customer demand with the objective of delivering the best possible service to our members and customers. It made sense to offer our customers the widest and most balanced range of products yet, giving them more cost-effective options across all shipments.

“In a time of economic uncertainty, it’s important to us that we are delivering value, whether that be through cost, product, or service – we strive to be market leading in all areas.”

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