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Member Stories: P2P Logistics

Located in the heart of England in Staffordshire, P2P logistics is ideally located to cover the Midlands and beyond and serves as a key depot in our pallet freight distribution network.

Providing customers with a complete transport solution, P2P Logistics was established in 2003, by Mark Whitehead attracting customers from day one through detail-oriented management and high-quality customer service, alongside competitive rates.

P2P Logistics now has an impressive fleet of 15 lorries and 25 vans, which has grown steadily since 2003.

Joining the Pall-Ex Network

P2P joined the Pall-Ex freight distribution network as a member in 2010 in order to grow their customer base and business.

Joining after growing under a previous pallet network, P2P was looking for a partner who could provide wider coverage through a larger network and build a valuable long-term relationship.

The partnership between P2P and Pall-Ex has been both practical and successful, providing a mechanism to offer customers a pallet delivery service which is both flexible and reliable.

Mark Barfoot, Director at P2P Logistics, says:

“Pall-Ex has provided a better economy of scale and better efficiency in terms of making sure we have no space left in our trunks. We can also offer great rates for delivery, it truly is a win-win situation.”

Complete Coverage, Offering Savings to Customers

The biggest benefit to joining the Pall-Ex network is to diversify and improve the range of services P2P offers to customers. With over 90 depots and access to over 7,000 vehicles across the country, the Pall-Ex palletised freight distribution network means that daily reach can cover every area of the UK.

This has provided a platform for P2P to offer their customers cost-effective and fast national coverage. These savings, achieved through saving on wasted mileage and more efficient supply chains, means P2P can keep their prices competitive.

“The pallet network model enables us to sell to a broad range of clients alongside filling up empty space we discover on trailers. On the other side, it also helps is when we have overspill, as we can run this to another member of the network for a preferential rate.

Pall-Ex’s membership is well thought out – we maximise our efficiency and reduce operating costs.”

Increasing Fuel Efficiency Through Tracking Technology

P2P’s decision to join the Pall-Ex network was driven by a need to improve profit margins and speed up growth within the pallet area of the business. However, another advantage to joining the network was savings through a reduced carbon output through cut mileage, which helps with both savings and green credentials. Carbon output can be reduced by up to 54% using a pallet network compared to similar journeys made outside of the network.

Pall-Ex’s technology also helps improve on speed and reduce administration costs, leaving P2P Logistics with more time to manage their customers.

“The capabilities of the new MyNexus software are really promising. It will provide clarity across every delivery from start to finish, which helps both our operations and our customers.”

The Future of P2P Logistics and Pall-Ex

As our membership continues to grow, we also see growth among our key members across the network, and P2P Logistics is another fast-growing success story, adding £700,000 worth of sales over the last 12 months, with plans to achieve the same level of growth in 2019.

Want to become a member of the Pall-Ex network and grow your range of services?


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