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Member stories: Linkline Express Services Limited

Established in 1992 by Managing Director Gerard Culbertson, Linkline Express, based in Birmingham, has grown from a single lorry to a mixed fleet of 35 over the course of 23 years, powered by a focus on providing high-quality transport services to a range of clients.

Based in Birmingham, Linkline provides pallet and haulage distribution across the UK, alongside warehousing solutions and Irish and European distribution.

Linkline Express is one of the founder members of our network, working closely with us to grow both to our current level and the future.

The Pall-Ex and Linkline Express Partnership

As a founder member, Linkline Express and Pall-Ex have seen their relationship grow and thrive over our shared 22-year history.

As a member of our network, Linkline Express has access to nationwide coverage, with links to 90 other transport companies from Dover to Scotland. This includes access to warehousing. Events such as The Pall-Ex Awards has also allowed Linkline Express to do member-to-member business outside of the network, handling jobs such as awkward loads that could be uneconomical.

“Being a member of the Pall-Ex network has definitely impacted positively on our operational efficiency. We can link into a nationwide delivery service simply by travelling 50 miles to the Pall-Ex Hub in Coalville, which links us into over 90 depots nationwide.” - Wayne Walsh, General Manager, Linkline Express

Recent innovations at Pall-Ex such as our MyNexus software also continues to strengthen our relationship.

“MyNexus is a fantastic piece of kit – our customers love it, and it has helped our offices in terms of fewer calls to customer service. The rollouts saw no issues at all, and customer service staff are saving two to three hours a day. Phone calls are down by 50% since rollout, it is a very sturdy system.” - Wayne Walsh, General Manager, Linkline Express

Linkline Express also uses our European Pall-Ex Connect service to provide pallet freight distribution services across the continent.

Linkline Express has also found benefits from working closely with other members of the network, such as sharing best practices and working together to achieve the first network-wide ISO qualification in the UK, which ‘has made a huge difference to us’ according to Wayne Walsh, General Manager at Linkline Express.

The Future at Linkline Express

Linkline Express has just come through a period of consolidation, including moving to new premises in 2018.

“We are proud to be a founder member of Pall-Ex, and long may that continue!” - Wayne Walsh, General Manager, Linkline Express

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