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Member Stories: Aylesbury Logistics Ltd

Aylesbury Logistics began its journey back in 2006. Originally named C&J Couriers, and later growing to become a Ltd company. They’ve been with the network for approximately 6 years.

Dave Young, Managing Director of Aylesbury Logistics, gives his thoughts on the Pall-Ex and Aylesbury Logistics partnership, and how both companies have grown together.

The Pall-Ex and Aylesbury Logistics Partnership

Dave explains, “The previous owners of Aylesbury Logistics saw Pall-Ex as an additional revenue stream, however, did not maximise the potential available to them.

“Since I bought the business in 2017, we decided to really grow our partnership and investment into the Pall-Ex network.

“Being a part of Pall-Ex has allowed us to ensure our drivers are kept busy in the event of quieter days with our same day business. It has also heavily heightened our presence in the local area, as customers are seeing more of our vehicles.

“In fact, there aren’t any disadvantages to our area - we are very lucky to be in a part of the world that offers such a variety of locations for deliveries.”

Utilising the technology available to Pall-Ex members

Dave notes, “We operate a business that continues to keep up to date with the constant changes in the technology market.”

With the increasing modernisation of the logistics sector, Pall-Ex’s award-winning software, MyNexus, is often a key factor in members’ decisions to partner with Pall-Ex over other networks, and it’s something that Aylesbury Logistics also holds in high regard.

“Pall-Ex has realised the importance of technology and has made investments ensuring we are able to offer our customers not only a cost-effective solution, but a solution that offers clarity and accountability.”

International shipping at Aylesbury Logistics

Aylesbury Logistics also provides solution for courier and freight services to Europe as well as international shipping, for worldwide deliveries via land, sea or air.

As Dave notes, “We are one of Pall-Ex’s leading international inputters. This has happened solely due to the confidence we have in working with the Pall-Ex international team. Inputting jobs has never been easier and we can now provide customers with pricing for international destinations on the same day.”

The future at Aylesbury Logistics

It’s as important for Aylesbury Logistics, as it is for Pall-Ex, to always put the needs of customers first, offering a wide range of services – including quality, overseas deliveries and warehouse storage options.

Dave notes, “We plan to continue our growth organically, in a structured manor. Typically, a lot of our growth plans hang around our current lease and location.”

With over 10,000sq. ft. of storage space, Aylesbury Logistics is in a really strong position. They provide the opportunity for their goods to be stored and delivered from one location, for the customer’s convenience.

Dave continues, “Our business operates a family mentality that prides itself on service – we may not be the cheapest, but we pride ourselves with being the best we can be – and our customers know they can continue to rely on us for a service offering that gives 100% each time.”

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