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Mac2Racing: Kleinhau report

Pall-Ex supported Mac2Racing travelled to Kleinhau in Germany for the penultimate round of the IMBA Championship, where they were hoping to close in on second place in the final rankings. Unfortunately, they had to endure a weekend of bad weather, racing incidents and mechanical issues.

In timed qualifying, heavy rain two laps into the session frustrated the team as there was no chance of refining their times from lap one, which they felt they could have improved on. However, it was good enough for sixth place, which would give them a reasonable place on the start line.

In Race One, the team made a safe start and were attacking for third when they touched sidecar wheels in a racing incident, turning the outfit over. Remounting in last position, they fought through to take an impressive 11th place by the end of the race.

Later on, in Race Two, whilst in fourth place, the race was red-flagged on lap four due to medics on the track treating Mac2Racing’s teammates.

At the restart, the team had to put their concerns about their team mates’ condition to one side but the race did not go to plan. Unfortunately, clutch problems slowed the team down and they eventually managing to go over the line 21st, but still bagging important points.

Finally, ahead of Race Three, a rapid engine change was needed in order to get the bike race-worthy, but the whole team still had concerns over their team-mates who had been taken to hospital for treatment. A good start saw them climb into third position, but again problems with the clutch and front brake hindered their progress, dropping into seventh place at the finish meaning they were 11th in the overall points for the day. Despite this, the team are still an amazing third in the championship!

The final round of the championship takes place in OSS, Holland, on Sunday 13th October. It is a track the team know well so they will be hoping for a change in fortunes as second in the championship is still possible, though several teams are chasing behind for Mac2’s position in the standings.


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