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In the Spotlight with Paul Shrives

Pall-Ex, and our dedicated network, send freight across the globe and provide exceptional service delivery to clients and industries of all kinds. To accomplish this our team works meticulously to manage a wide network of logistics firms, and deliver goods on track and on time. We sat down with Paul Shrives, the man at the centre of one of our hubs to find out what it takes to be a General Manager of Hub Operations, and how he has helped Pall-Ex become a leader in network logistics and palletised freight distribution.

What is your role at Pall-Ex?

As the General Manager of Hub Operations, my role is to oversee the 24-hour operation of the hub. This includes liaising with partners, ensuring the team in the warehouse know what’s going on, and generally ensuring all operations run smoothly.

How long have you been working with Pall-Ex?

I have worked at Pall-Ex for about three and a half years. I started working as an Operations Manager before being promoted to the GM of Hub Operations.

When not at work, how do you unwind?

I lead quite a busy lifestyle so when I do get a break from work I enjoy going to the gym or playing a round of golf on the weekends. Like most people, I also enjoy spending time with friends and family but that almost goes without saying.

What does a great day at work look like for you?

In my line of work there’s a lot of variation so being as prepared as possible is key. I try to ensure the next 24 hours are planned well so that when I clock out, the team knows exactly what deliveries are expected where and when. Logistics is a reactive industry so I try to make sure we have a clear plan should anything come up.

What’s the best thing about being part of Team Pall-Ex?

I enjoy motivating my team and seeing this positivity reflected in our results. Being results-driven and seeing your efforts affect the numbers on a daily basis is really pleasing. Beyond that, knowing that everyone leaves work safe and sound is all I can ask for."

What is the most exotic delivery destination you’ve seen pallets shipped to?

That’s difficult to answer, to be honest. We’re currently a pan-European network with plans to expand across more continents but it is interesting to hear stories about Venetian gondolas shipping containers through canals.

What’s the most unusual item you’ve seen on a pallet?

For me, it has to be a life-size model of a cow.

What’s your go-to road trip snack/playlist?

For a road trip, it has to be a playlist packed with 80s classics. Driving anthems, old school rock, anything you can imagine listening to while driving a convertible down Route 66.

What trucker handle (nickname) best describes you?

Well at work I’m Shrivesy but when I was younger I did have the nickname Snowman so probably that.

What is the most scenic route to travel on?

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a fair bit so there are a few contenders. I visited my family in Canada several years ago and drove 18 hours from Nova Scotia to Toronto. There were some terrific views along the way. I’ve also driven along the west coast of Australia and visited South-East Asia which has some pretty incredible sights.

Which country, that you can deliver to, would be number one on your holiday hit list?

I would gladly go to Dubai. I’ve been a few times before and I love it. The hotels, the cities, the affluence, the modernity, it’s just an incredible place to visit. It’s also a relatively easy flight from Birmingham so well worth it.

Given your experience, what has been one of the most enjoyable/successful campaigns or initiatives to work on at Pall-Ex?

One of the best campaigns was seeing our DPS scheme go full circle to help address unemployment and the truck driver shortage. Our initial scheme helped people find jobs and training to become forklift operators. Then the truck driver shortages hit and we went to great lengths paying for training and supporting forklift operators who wanted to become truck drivers. That was really pleasing to see; helping people find jobs and tackle a national crisis.

It’s thanks to people like Paul that we can offer market-leading services across the UK, Europe and the wider world. If you’re interested in finding out more about our leading palletised freight services or how you can become part of the Pall-Ex team contact us today.


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