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In the Spotlight with Janine Catley

It takes a lot of different talents and skillsets to run a global logistics company and Pall-Ex is no different. From logistics and hub management to marketing and customer services, our team has a wide range of skills to handle all the twists and turns of the industry.

Meet Janine

A key part of this team is Janine Catley; General Manager with a focus on International Development and Customer Services. With such a wide remit we were keen to sit down and discuss Janine’s experiences to see what it takes to keep Pall-Ex moving forward.

What is your role at Pall-Ex?

I am the International Development and Customer Services General Manager. My role is to generate International sales, bring on new customers and manage the International support team.

What challenges are you most looking forward to?

I am really looking forward to helping the team continue to build a great International Service and bring on new customers. This development will help Pall-Ex expand further and offer even more to the palletised freight industry.

What qualities would you say are integral for anyone looking to work in international logistics?

I would say you need knowledge of the customs clearance process and a strong industry background.

Along with technical knowhow, you also need to be forward-thinking, have an eye for details, great decision-making skills, and have excellent interpersonal skills. It also helps to be a team player as your team is the key to success.

With Pall-Ex expanding at an impressive rate, which continent or country do you think will be next for the Pall-Ex team to expand into?

Pall-Ex has an interesting master licensee model and we have had significant interest from around the globe. Personally, I think the UAE is an exciting market for development and I’m interested to see how the model would work there but we have a number of irons in the fire much nearer to home too.

What does a great day at work look like for you?

A great day for me is to see my team performing well providing a great service and me bringing in a great new account.

What are the benefits of working with the hub-and-spoke and hub-to-hub models used by Pall-Ex?

The model creates numerous benefits, including;

  • Continuous movement for loads thanks to centralised handovers

  • Reduced lengths for hauliers, which improves scheduling, reduces transit time and helps drivers comply with hours-of-service regulations

  • And of course helps to reduce transports carbon footprint

For anyone reading, who may be interested in joining the network, what benefits do you think Pall-Ex offers its members?

The unique quality-driven ethos of the Pall-Ex member and management owned network coupled with a successful operational model enables you to take full advantage of our well-proven logistics solution. It’s why our successful membership continues to grow year on year.

How does the Pall-Ex International team manage logistics with so many different languages and requirements?

Luckily for us in the UK, the majority of people we deal with speak English as it is the first language for a lot of countries. If we struggle we would make use of email and translate it over to English.

How do you think technology, like MyNexus, helps drivers and the end customer?

MyNexus is an important tool for transparency, management, and time-saving. It has a range of benefits to assist drivers in processing and delivery while at the same time giving customers instant access to the status of their shipment. Some of the main benefits include;

  • You can input shipments via MyNexus

  • The system prompts for the right information

  • Validates entries

  • Automatically transmits to Customs & Excise for Clearance

  • Once cleared releases goods internally and allows label print

  • Online track and trace

  • Electronic POD’s

What challenges do you think the international logistics industry will need to overcome in the next 10 years?

I think most of the challenges are ones the public is already aware of, especially with the cost of fuel and energy, and the importance of the environment. As such, I think transportation costs, driver shortages, sustainability, and meeting customer expectations on visibility will be the major challenges to overcome.

It was great sitting down with Janine to hear about the industry and what we can expect to see in the future. Janine’s experience and insight are invaluable to the Pall-Ex team and we can't wait to see how Janine and her team tackle challenges in the future.

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