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In the Spotlight with Ellie Harman

At Pall-Ex, we are lucky to have a team committed to improving palletised freight services across the globe. The Pall-Ex brand is renowned for providing exceptional service delivery to clients and industries of all kinds and it’s thanks to people like Ellie Harman, that we are able to bring in clients, support our team, and expand the Pall-Ex network family.

Meet Ellie

Ellie is a Commercial Support Executive here at Pall-Ex. A go-getter by nature, Ellie has shown that tenacity and skill pay off, going from a business admin apprentice to commercial support executive, all in the last four years. We sat down with Ellie to find out more about her experiences and what makes her an integral part of the Pall-Ex team.

What is your role at Pall-Ex?

I work closely with the Business Development managers and data analysts to provide members with commercial reviews of the network. These reviews assist the depots with their commercial awareness and suggest ways in which things can be tweaked and improved for the members' gain as well as looking at areas in which the depots are performing well in.

How long have you been working with Pall-Ex?

I have been with Pall-Ex for four years this year. I started in 2017 as a business admin apprentice. Since then I have worked in customer service, later being promoted to a senior customer service advisor. However, in my current role, I have only been doing this for 2 months, although it feels like I have done it forever (in a good way)!

When not at work, how do you unwind?

Outside of work I enjoy listening to live music. I have travelled to many places in the country to see DJs and bands. Next month I am going to Italy for a festival which will be my first festival abroad and will be going to Ibiza later in the year. I am currently making up for lost time due to Covid!

What does a great day at work look like for you?

Having a positive commercial review makes a day good for me. It provides a sense of achievement that you have helped a member in areas and ways which they may not have explored before. With this role being relatively new it is evolving every day, I like a challenge so learning and taking on new responsibilities is something which I enjoy at work.

What’s the best thing about being part of Team Pall-Ex?

The team I work in is quite small. We all work together on the same projects and it is nice to have a team who all want the outcome to be as positive as you do. Although my team is relatively small, we have support from all of the other departments throughout the business.

"I feel like everyone at Pall-Ex wants to see you succeed both within and outside of work and are there to support that journey."

What is the most exotic delivery destination you’ve seen pallets shipped to?

The most exotic destination I have seen a delivery go to is Kwai Chung in Hong Kong, which is almost 6,000 miles from the UK! It is crazy to think a pallet can come into the hub and end up being delivered all that distance away.

What’s your go-to road trip snack/playlist?

Whenever I have a long journey, I like to start it with a Costa iced coffee, even in the winter. To be honest, I enjoy a variety of music, so the playlist would depend on where I am going and the weather. When the sun is out I would choose to listen to a house/tech playlist as it is more upbeat than the bands I would normally listen to.

What is the most scenic route to travel on?

A couple of months ago I visited a depot in Scotland, we flew there and luckily I got a window seat. The view from the plane of the Scottish countryside was very scenic and with the sun out and the clear sky made it even better.

I also recently visited the Peak District for the first time and had a walk around Dovedale in aid of the March in March charity. This was one of the most scenic walks I have been on and would definitely recommend it!

Which country, that you can deliver to, would be number one on your holiday hit list?

One place which I would really like to visit is Australia. I am not sure at the moment if we have delivered there, however, I do know that this is something Pall-Ex plans to offer in the near future.

Given your experience, what has been one of the most enjoyable/successful campaigns or initiatives to work on at Pall-Ex?

One thing that was a personal success of mine was when I was based onsite with one of our corporate accounts as an implant for 12 weeks. During this time, a new communication process was built with a reporting system which is still used to this day. During this 12-week period, there was a positive increase in the service and communication which led to the customer signing a further contract with Pall-Ex.

Another personal success of mine was winning the Pall-Ex star award in 2020 during the Virtual Awards. Unfortunately, I had to celebrate this on my own in my front room due to COVID.

Ellie is someone who embodies the spirit of Pall-Ex. From rising through the ranks to facing challenges and finding solutions, we couldn’t be more proud of what Ellie brings to Pall-Ex.

We’re pleased to have had a chance to speak to Ellie and hope you found her insight on what goes on behind the scenes enlightening. If you’re interested in finding out more about our leading palletised freight services or how you can become part of the Pall-Ex team contact us today.


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