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Exact Logistics Wins Regional Award for the Midlands

This award-winning member has been with Pall-Ex for over five years, and at the 2020 Pall-Ex Awards, scooped the coveted regional prize for the Midlands.

Owned by Adam and Karen Shuter, Joint Managing Directors, Exact Logistics was built on years of their combined experience and expertise.

As Karen explains, “We are a family business, owned by Adam and myself. We are specialists in freight to and from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

“Our ethos is Communicate, Deliver, Care.”

How did it feel to win the award?

Karen and Adam explain, “We were really proud of the recognition it gave to our whole team, who work so hard.

“It was truly a team effort, as it's the team that deals with all of the day-to-day problems and issues that may arise.

“The award really recognises the excellence of our team, as they're the ones that have risen to the challenge and built the success.”

Tell us a bit about your depot?

Karen notes, “We started Exact Logistics in 2009. Adam's experience was in logistics, having worked in the sector for over 30 years. Mine was new business development, having spent my working life across sales and marketing.

“We thought it was the best idea to start our own logistics company! We started just with ourselves, and one other person, who is still with us. Our staff have now grown to around 20.

“Our company is truly based on customer service - if a customer wants to do something different, we find a way!”

How long have you been a member of Pall-Ex and why did you initially choose to join? 

“We joined five years ago, in 2015, as we felt the hub and the whole network worked together to support each other.

The cooperative mentality throughout the Pall-Ex network is amazing, everyone is treated as valued members. We work together for team Pall-Ex.”

What made you decide to become a shareholder?

“We wanted to be part of an independent network, as opposed to a faceless multinational.

“This is because, as members of an independent network like Pall-Ex, we can deliver the quality of service our customers depend on, which is our priority.

“We can also continue to grow in a sustainable manner, without having to compromise on quality or our level of customer service.”

Has technology provided by Pall-Ex improved operations? 

Adam explains, “Our customers really like the ease of booking and improved freight visibility of MyNexus. It also helps with our customers to communicate with their customers, and so on, as everybody involved can instantly see where exactly their consignment is.

“Rather than the more traditional method, we have our own IT system which takes data directly from customers. This is then combined with track and trace data from Pall-Ex’s API.

“As a result, customers can see every 15 minutes an updated location on all their Pall-Ex deliveries. Their customers then have access to their systems, so everyone can see the delivery.

“Our customers love the visibility and find it smooths out the entire collection and delivery process, especially when it can be travelling such long distances across Europe.”

Do you have plans to grow in the future?

Karen and Adam note, “As European freight specialists, we are assessing the opportunities for our business in the post-Brexit world.

“We’re also putting a lot of focus into further digital developments, starting with a brand-new IT system, and re-vamping our website.

“Investing heavily in training our staff is also a key part of our current plans, including health and safety training.”

Has collaboration with international networks improved your operations?

“We can now offer a solution from one pallet to a full load throughout Europe, through collaboration with international networks.

“We have lots of partners across Europe so can say yes to a delivery in any country. The Pall-Ex network offers us a really reliable, high-quality service across Europe meaning quicker and more efficient deliveries.”

Which benefits have you seen through working with other members of the network? 

“The main benefit is that we can offer flexibility to our customers through our relationships with other network members. If we need something, we can just pick up the phone.

“If we've got a problem, we've always got someone to call. One of our customers is a major German retailer, a household name across the UK and Europe.

“We can get local members across the UK to put on deliveries as needed, and it’s been a really successful collaboration.

Pall-Ex members are really happy to help and go the extra mile. In turn, that means we can go the extra mile for them. It’s like having a partner in every corner of the country that you want to make a delivery in!”

You’re located in the Golden Triangle of Logistics – what are the main advantages and disadvantaged of your location?

The Logistics Golden Triangle is an area that is within a 4-hour drive of 90% of the UK’s population. It’s also close to plenty of warehousing space, in fact, the Midlands contains more than twice the warehousing activity than Greater London, Scotland and Wales combined.

Karen explains, “We are truly at the heart of the ‘Logistics Golden Triangle’. We are also less than 1 hour from the Pall-Ex hub, so can offer our customers huge flexibility on collection times.”

“As we are so close to major motorways such as the M1 and M6, it's also ideal for Europe.”

For more information about becoming a shareholder member of Pall-Ex, have a read of our member info booklet. Alternatively, fill in our contact form, and our Network Development Team will be in touch.


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