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Knowledge Hub

Helpful guides and support for anyone moving palletised freight across the UK or Internationally.

Pall-Ex Kerbside Delivery

How A Pallet Delivery Network Works

Pall-Ex Customer Delivery

Labelling Palletised Freight for Distribution

Pall-Ex Forklift

Prohibited and Restricted Items for Palletised Freight

Pall-Ex Warehouse
Pall-Ex Kerbside Delivery
Pall-Ex Customer Delivery
MyNexus Screen
Pall-Ex Romania

The Pall-Ex Guide to Wrapping Palletised Freight

Kerbside Delivery FAQ

The Pall-Ex Guide to Insuring Your Freight

Guide to MyNexus and Tracking Your Pallet

Guide to European Pallet Delivery

Need to send a pallet?

The quality network of choice

Our shareholder membership


FAQs on Logistics & Haulage after Brexit

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