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Pall-Ex's aim is to become the leading quality
Pan-European freight distribution network.

Our core values consist of

  1. Honesty
    To do the right thing, inspiring stakeholders with respect for our mission by taking responsibility and placing integrity, open communication, and trust at the core of our operations.

  2. Transparency
    To be all that we promise to be, optimising our business for all stakeholders by continuously developing credible, clear and fair internal operations and structures, promoting a culture which enables collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.

  3. Mutually beneficial relationships
    To create a connected network of profitable partnerships which add value and create competitive commercial advantages for all parties, providing optimal growth, efficiency and development opportunities.

  4. Sustainability
    To continually create and develop a resilient and flexible business for the future, embracing our corporate social responsibility by advancing environmental impact reduction schemes, supporting social initiatives and good causes.

  5. Commitment
    To drive success and excellence through total dedication to providing leading services, building productive relationships, engineering ideal conditions for innovation, and leading the international palletised freight distribution sector on behalf of our people, partners, members and service-users.

  6. Innovation
    To advance our field of operation and successfully respond to a changing world of business, implementing creative solutions, pioneering adaptive and efficient processes, and driving dynamic business success for Pall-Ex Group and all of its stakeholders.