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The leading palletised freight distribution network



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Pall-Ex is here to support your business

As the No.1 network for quality, owned by its UK membership and senior management team, Pall-Ex enables thousands of businesses to send freight locally, nationally, and across the globe every day. We understand that each business has its own unique requirements, and we will work with you to find the best logistics solutions for you.

Pall-Ex is the pallet shipping network trusted by thousands of customers to ensure safe, swift and certain pallet delivery to destinations all over the UK, throughout Europe and across the globe. We are recognised as the No.1 network for quality due to our commitment to customer service underpinned by our network-wide ISO accreditations.  

We’re also owned by our UK shareholder and UK senior management team, which means the entire network is united in its goal for achieving excellence.

3 million+

Pallets transported through our award-winning UK network


Quality UK members dedicated to delivering excellence


On-time in full service levels achieved by our quality members

7 million+

Pallets transported globally by our UK and International members

1.7 Million

Postcodes covered across the whole of the UK

Pall-Ex Vehicle

Trusted services

Delivering quality

Operational for over 25 years, the Pall-Ex network looks forward to the next quarter century of pallet shipping, with a business built on a solid foundation and run by skilled, knowledgeable people. Our team is equipped with the latest technology to keep us on the road and keep you safe in the knowledge that your next pallet delivery will be just as reliable as the last.

Our consignments are always on the move and so are we, looking to the future to develop the network for the benefit of our shareholders, our members and, above all else, our customers. We believe there is always room for improvement, so will be looking to expand the reach of our network, the strength of our membership and the efficiency of our systems, reducing costs and increasing the reliability of pallet shipping.

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