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Pall-Ex works to reduce impact of road closure on local community

Following the controversial closure of the B585 in North West Leicestershire, locally-based haulage giant Pall-Ex is working with the communities in Ellistown and Ibstock, plus the relevant local authorities in order to meet the challenges brought about by the diversion.

The diversion, part of the Mountpark Bardon development, is causing 700 HGVs a night to travel through villages such as Ravenstone, and was put in place in-spite of opposition from local residents and businesses.

In order to help mitigate the effect of the controversial route, Pall-Ex has provided its Health & Safety Manager, Richard Leedham, to consult on recommendation to help improve the route.

Three recommendations are now being implemented or discussed as a result of the consultation. These are;

  • Removal of vegetation around route signage

  • ‘No HGV’ signs on weight restricted route into Ellistown

  • New 30 MPH limit on part of the route

Kevin Buchanan, Group managing director at Pall-Ex, comments:

“In-spite of our concerns, the diversion is now in place and we have to work with our drivers, the local community and the council to enable daily life to continue as normal in the area.

"We are responding to concerns from the local community regarding lost HGVs by implementing a comprehensive communications programme to help our HGV drivers, who come from over a dozen European countries and represent over 100 member businesses, to be aware of the diversion and the correct route.

This is a significant endeavour and given the limited notice on the route and the fact that our haulage guidance wasn’t sought in advance of this happening, we are working as fast as we can to educate many 100s of drivers from over 100 organisations as to the new route. We appreciate everyone’s patience whilst we get the message across.”

Pall-Ex has created to educate the entire membership and have dedicated staff members monitoring all communication channels.

Complaints and issues on the diversion should be directed to the Environment and Transport Department at Leicestershire County Council.


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