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4PLinks becomes the latest shareholder member of Pall-Ex Group

Southampton based transport business 4PLinks has invested in its future by joining both the Pall-Ex and Fortec pallet distribution networks as a shareholder member.

The move, which signifies 4PLinks’ long term commitment to Pall-Ex and Fortec’s parent company, Pall-Ex Group, will deliver a range of benefits to the south coast outfit, which has seen major success in its relatively short history.

Founded in 2017, Ecommerce Supply Chain (T/A 4PLinks) has built its reputation on its specialist logistics services including General and Container Haulage, Customs Clearance, Warehousing and Amazon Fulfilment.

The business prides itself on being a one stop shop for its customers, thanks to its in-house services that ensure quality is at the heart of its operation.

By becoming shareholder members in Pall-Ex Group, 4PLinks now have access to a network of more than 150 independent haulage companies, united by their passion for quality and service excellence.

This network means that 4PLinks’ customers can now send pallets across the UK and beyond quickly and cost effectively thanks to Pall-Ex Group’s Hub-and-Spoke model.

As part of its membership, the business will cover the SP1-6 and SP9-11 postcodes for the two networks.

Membership also has other benefits, as it allows 4PLinks to utilise Pall-Ex Group’s award winning IT system, Nexus, and its range of sales and marketing support services.

Managing Director of 4PLinks, Siming Wang, explains why he believed Pall-Ex Group provided the best opportunity for his business.

He comments: “We believe that the shareholder membership opportunities with Pall-Ex Group enhance service levels of every member.

“Being invested in the success of the business benefits our customers as well as all the shareholder members too."

"We are excited to be part of the Pall-Ex Group journey and deliver excellent service to our fellow members and customers.”

Pall-Ex Group’s Managing Director – UK Business Units, Barry Byers, oversees both the Fortec and Pall-Ex network and is looking forward to developing the businesses with the help of shareholder members like 4PLinks.

Welcoming them to the two networks, Barry comments: “4PLinks are a really exciting business and we are very happy to have them join both of Pall-Ex Group’s UK networks.

“Having started only five years ago, they have Mr Wang and the team have already shown they are dedicated to providing a quality service across the board having built such a successful business.

“We look forward to seeing them continue with their growth and the positive effect they will have on our networks.”

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