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Pall-Ex Selects Microlise for Telematics and Camera Solution

Pall-Ex, one of the UK’s leading palletised freight distribution networks, has selected Microlise to provide a telematics and vehicle camera solution across its entire fleet of over 100 vehicles.

The solution will enable Pall-Ex to increase fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs, while also providing its team with the ability to monitor the fleet in real-time, understand and maximise fleet utilisation, and improve driver performance.

Renowned for a focus on quality, Pall-Ex will be using driving performance data gathered through the Microlise telematics solution to play a central role as it trains drivers, as part of Pall-Ex’s driving academy.

Furthermore, Pall-Ex has focused on safety by selecting the Microlise Safety Module, with vehicle cameras being installed across the fleet. This will allow the Pall-Ex team to benefit from a seamlessly integrated telematics and camera solution and will ensure the team fully understand what has happened in the event of any incident, both through detailed telematics data and real-world footage.

As part of the agreement between the two respective industry leaders, Pall-Ex network members will also enjoy access to best-in-class telematics and technology solutions from Microlise at member-specific rates.

“Our continued investment in technology will help us continue our focus on quality, for which Pall-Ex is renowned,” commented Kevin Buchanan, Pall-Ex Group Managing Director.

“The partnership with Microlise not only ensures our own fleet is powered by best-in-class telematics technology but also allows our entire membership to benefit as well. We’re excited about this partnership and where it will lead us.”

“It gives us great pleasure to work with such a renowned company in Pall-Ex, which has led the way in the palletised freight sector in terms of growth and quality of service,” commented Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer at Microlise.

“We’re looking forward to deploying the solution across the Pall-Ex fleet, but engaging with its network of members as well to ensure they are enjoying the benefits technology solutions can deliver, whether that be in terms of performance, safety, environmental impact and beyond.”

Microlise is the UK market leader across HGV telematics, with a current installed base of over 500,000 global assets. The company works with many of the transport industry’s leading operators, including 14 of the UK’s largest retailers and with industry heavyweights such as MAN Truck & Bus, Knorr-Bremse and JCB.

The company provides a wide range of solutions, with a rich portfolio of safety products spanning vehicle cameras, incident analysis and driver hazard warnings, as well as driver performance products, to ensure vehicles are driven to the highest standard.

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