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Pall-Ex continues to deliver for key customers

Pall-Ex has continued to support its customer-base despite the serious challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK and across the world.

With millions of employees from businesses throughout the UK being forced to work from home in recent months, it is a fact that traditional processes and operating practices have had to adapt at lightning speed to the “new normal”.

For Pall-Ex, this has been no different, but the lockdown period has in-fact resulted in increased volumes of freight moving within our UK network.

This has meant that our operational teams have been busier than ever, ensuring freight reaches its destination on-time.

For Pall-Ex’s customers, the dedication and hard work demonstrated by the number one network for quality has been a steady and reassuring factor during such challenging times.

One such customer is Copper Cable, part of Tele-Fonika Kable SA.

The company manufactures high-quality cables for industries including telecommunications, construction and rail.

Kate Yates, Transport Co-Ordinator at Copper Cable, explains how Pall-Ex has continued to support their business in recent months.

She comments:

“I have nothing but praise for how Pall-Ex has continued their support through these challenging times. Even though the Customer Service team were mainly working from home, their commitment to helping us was still of an excellent standard. Although it took a little longer to get the answers, resolutions were still provided as quickly as possible.

"I hope that this positivity continues through the remainder of this pandemic and beyond.”

Pall-Ex has worked tirelessly to deliver for its customers, ensuring that the crisis does not affect the high service levels it is renowned for.

Oadby Plastics, the UK’s leading independent plastics supplier, has also seen the last few months made more positive by their partnership with Pall-Ex.

Claire Signyard, Warehouse Manager at Oadby Plastics, shares how they have benefitted from their partnership with Pall-Ex since the onset of the pandemic.

Claire comments:

“From myself and the Logistics team at Oadby we have been more than happy with the level of Customer Service we have received and at times we have had some very difficult situations to deal with.

"Whatever the issue has been, Pall-Ex’s Group Customer Service Manager, Jackie, has always been able to help us.”

Everyone at Pall-Ex has remained dedicated to the task of delivering a quality palletised delivery service for all of its customers throughout these unprecedented times.

Pall-Ex’s Commercial Director, Michelle Naylor, comments:

“I am very proud of what we have achieved in the last few months. The Pall-Ex team and our entire UK membership have delivered consistently high levels of service throughout a uniquely challenging time.

“Supporting our customers and helping them achieve their goals by providing a high-quality service is at the heart of everything we do.

"I am sure that we will continue to see our relationships strengthen in the coming months thanks to the tireless efforts of everyone at Pall-Ex."


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