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Pall-Ex shows heart with new public access defibrillator at Ellistown HQ

Logistics giant Pall-Ex is aiming to save lives after installing a defibrillator at its headquarters in Ellistown, which can be accessed by the local community in the event of an emergency.

The company has taken the decision to install the life saving equipment due to the lack of a public access defibrillator in the local area and lorry drivers being in a high risk category for heart disease.

Every year around 30,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of a hospital environment and research from the Defibshop shows that using a defibrillator within three to five minutes increases the chance of survival from 6% to 74%.

In addition, Pall-Ex has also installed defibrillators at its three depots in southern England.

Pall-Ex has invested £10,000 in the defibrillator machines to further reinforce its commitment to the health and safety of its employees, visitors and the local community.

Rich Leedham, quality health, safety and environment manager, comments:

“We feel it is vital to provide the local community with a public access defibrillator. Previously, the closest equipment was located in Ibstock, which is circa five miles from our central hub – a 15-minute drive - and, in the event of an emergency, would be too far away to access. The new defibrillator is fully automated and designed so that anyone can use it. Once you open the case it talks you through exactly what to do, there’s no training required.

“Research has shown that lorry drivers have an increased risk of developing heart disease due to the sedentary nature of their jobs, which can put them at greater risk of cardiac arrest.

"We hope we never have to use it, but it’s reassuring to know that it could potentially save someone’s life in an emergency.”

The defibrillator has been installed outside Pall-Ex’s main entrance within a heated cabinet that ensures it is always ready to use and it has also invested in new signage to allow the defibrillator to be easily located in an emergency. Members of the public can phone 999 and gain access to the code that opens their nearest defibrillator cabinet.

Rich has also provided 30 staff members with high and low risk first aid training and will be maintaining the new defibrillator units to ensure they are regularly serviced and ready to be used by staff and the wider community.


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