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Pall-Ex Launches Streamlined European Distribution Service

Innovative Trunking Lane and Enhanced Tracking Capabilities Promise Simplified Processing for EU Shipments

Pall-Ex Group, a leading pallet distribution network, proudly announces the launch of its new streamlined service designed to significantly strengthen European distribution.

Pall-Ex Europe Vehicle

This innovative service is set to minimise the stress of transporting goods across the EU, offering businesses a seamless and efficient solution for freight clearance.

The service introduces a gateway to EU countries, with end deliveries completed by Pall-Ex Group’s European networks, which ensures end-to-end tracking within the Pall-Ex network, enhancing transparency and efficiency for customers.

One of the key features of this enhanced service is decreased transit times, as clearance is completed in the UK under regime 40/42. This method of shipping streamlines distribution and avoids delays as there is no prepayment of tax at the country of destination.

This, combined with the last-mile delivery completed via Pall-Ex Group’s exclusive Master Licence Networks, sees the same quality service standards throughout its network of 700 European members.

"Pall-Ex Group is thrilled to offer this enhanced service, which simplifies the process of shipping freight to European destinations. With regular departures and full consignment track and trace capabilities, we are redefining the standards in freight distribution," said Sue Buchanan.

"Our smart border clearance and the elimination of stops for customs clearance ensure a swift and hassle-free experience for our clients, highlighting our commitment to excellence in European distribution."

This new service is part of Pall-Ex’s commitment to providing exceptional international freight distribution services. The company’s extensive network of quality operators, combined with a unique hub-to-hub scheme, ensures comprehensive coverage across Europe, guaranteeing reliable and efficient distribution.

Pall-Ex Romania Vehicle

Pall-Ex Group’s advanced logistics technology and Nexus IT system further support this commitment, creating a strong network that consistently meets and surpasses customer expectations.

For further information about Pall-Ex Group’s international service, please contact:


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