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Pall-Ex launches new freight visibility software

Developed in-house by the Pall-Ex IT team, MyNexus will provide next-level track and trace capabilities on consignments across the firm’s UK delivery network. Created with input from Pall-Ex’s own members, B2B customers and B2C customers, the MyNexus software will provide full visibility on all consignments for the first time.

The new cloud-based system has the scale to develop, while consultation with Pall-Ex’s international partnerships ensures compatibility across Europe, with a full international roll-out planned for 2019. It is designed with customer usability in mind and benefits from a number of key features to support the growth of Pall-Ex as it moves further into the B2C market.

MyNexus features include:

  • A customer-friendly interface

  • Real-time GPS tracking

  • Customised dashboards

  • A range of viewing options, from consignment overviews to detailed pallet information

  • An integrated address book

  • Bespoke KPI reports

  • Identifies location delivery restrictions

  • Highlights delivery surcharges and service levels in remote or rural locations

  • Images of consignments documented with electronic proof-of-delivery and geo-tagging

Pall-Ex network members will be able to access a version that shows all of their customers’ freight, while end customers will be able to view a version showing only their own consignments.

This will support Pall-Ex members with vehicle planning and customer freight expectations,while reducing phone calls to customer services.

Kevin Buchanan, Group managing director at Pall-Ex, comments: “The launch of MyNexus is part of the Pall-Ex plan to put technology at the forefront of our operation, as we continue to improve the quality of our service. It is also part of our growth plans as customers have come to expect detailed information and full visibility on their purchases during the delivery process.

“The UK is the third largest e-commerce market in the world, with £533 billion worth of transactions taking place annually. This will continue to grow, so it is vital that Pall-Ex is equipped to compete with major players in the B2C market as we increase our service offering. This investment is helping us to overhaul our entire IT system, future proofing the Pall-Ex network and creating a quality solution that benefits all Pall-Ex stakeholders.”

The launch of MyNexus marks the next stage in Pall-Ex’s IT investment, following the rollout of NexusGO, the mobile sign on glass APP launched in October 2017.

Dave Dunhill, Director of IT at Pall-Ex, comments: “Pall-Ex is on an IT journey to create market leading solutions that benefit our international stakeholders. We have developed a skilled and varied IT team in-house to overhaul our entire system infrastructure and provide quality software that will be analysed and improved to optimise the customer experience.

"Having the team based in-house, at the heart of the business, really helps us understand the needs of customers and members, and encompass their requirements. I’m incredibly proud of MyNexus and look forward to releasing additional features to the system in 2019.”

For more information about MyNexus click here.


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