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Mental health awareness at Pall-Ex

First celebrated in 1992, World Mental Health Day is recognised internationally each year on the 10th of October, with its main objectives to educate and raise awareness about mental health around the world, encouraging individuals to improve their wellbeing.

Mental health is something we all possess. When it is good, we have a sense of purpose and direction and feel that we cope with whatever life (and work) throws at us. But just as physical health fluctuates, so too our mental health goes through ups and downs.

This year the COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on people’s mental health, with many more experiencing challenges than in previous years. Multiple groups, including key workers, students, those living alone and others with ongoing mental health conditions, have been afflicted.

The Mental Health Foundation states that, 1 in 6.8 people experience problems in the workplace regarding mental health. World Mental Health Day is a chance for all individuals aiming to improve their mental health, to reach out and spread awareness, reducing the stigma surrounding mental wellbeing.

As many people have returned to work, following the Coronavirus pandemic, this created a mass of uncertainty affecting employees in a number of ways. Stress and anxiety were amongst their greatest concerns.

In order to help support its employees, Pall-Ex Group trained mental health first aiders to provide a tool to help promote better mental wellbeing in the workplace.

The training had already been proposed by the HR team, however the onset of COVID-19 accelerated its deployment as the senior management team understood the need for improved mental health support during this time.

We spoke to Simaran Uppal, HR Advisor and Mental Health First Aider, to gather more insight into the role and how it benefits those at Pall-Ex. From educating others, and helping them understand factors influencing mental health, to providing a support function to those in need.

She said: “I feel that everyone has a mental health that needs taking care of and being able to support that through signposting and talking is valuable. It’s simple but it makes a huge difference.”

"Knowing that I am appointed for that role, gives other employees that confidence to reach out and removes any concern on who to turn to. It gives me a sense of reward, knowing that Pall-Ex offers a unique support system in the workplace, compared to other companies.”

As part of its ongoing commitment to supporting its employees’ health and wellbeing Pall-Ex Group has introduced an employee assistance programme (EAP) which provides around the clock access to free advice and support to all employees and their immediate family.

Any staff wishing to utilise this free service can speak to their line manager or the HR team for more information.


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