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Linkline Express delivers a busload of help

Linkline Express (D29) recently hosted a project which saw BB Construction (Midlands) Ltd transform a 1966 double-decker bus into a creative learning centre for the local district.

Regents Park Community Primary School in Birmingham commissioned local builder and BB Construction owner Brendan Breslin to bring the bus back to life to construct an inventive learning centre that could be used by both pupils and the wider community.

Linkline Express Services allowed Brendan to utilise their newly acquired 35,000 square foot warehouse as his workshop throughout the project.

Linkline Express managing director Gerard Culbertson commented: “When I first heard about the project I was extremely impressed with it and the benefits that Brendan and the school were trying to bring to our local community. We were all very keen to help it along in whatever way we could.”

In addition to providing a workshop for Brendan, Gerard donated over £250 on behalf of Linkline Express, as well as contributing beanbags and pillows to the lounge area; which was then aptly named the ‘Linkline Lounge’ to be used as a comfortable area for the school children and staff to use when they are learning and teaching.

Gerard continued: “We’ve really enjoyed helping Regents Park School and Brendan with this project. There are some really ambitious plans for the future of the bus, including a school radio station aimed at inspiring children with an interest in the arts. We’re hoping to be a part of future developments and will be assisting in any further fundraising.

“It will be really exciting to see the success and watch the community feel the benefits of this new and unique learning environment.”

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