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Leicester Pallet Network Solutions for Corporate Businesses

At Pall-Ex, we have over 25 years of experience delivering palletised freight throughout the UK and Europe. Whether around the corner or on the other side of the globe, we have assisted thousands of businesses with corporate logistics solutions across all industries and sectors, delivering more than 40,000 pallets across the globe every day.

During this time, we have created an all-encompassing logistics offering for businesses and manufacturers in Leicestershire and the surrounding area. This includes handling different types of products (from medical supplies to construction materials) and working with partners up and down the country to ensure deliveries get to where they need to be on time.

Trust us with your local delivery needs and discover an unparalleled palletised network that ensures your business’ success by providing a tried and trusted corporate logistics solution.

Cutting-Edge Logistics Delivery Solutions

With our headquarters and central UK hub located in the Midlands, we work closely with clients on a daily basis to ensure everything runs smoothly. To do this, our corporate support team facilitate meetings, help plan and map out deliveries, and provide logistical advice. This high level of support allows you to focus on major business decisions such as development while we focus on the details of getting products from A to B.

 Bespoke Pallet Delivery Services for Local Businesses

We offer a complete logistic solution ideal for corporates and businesses in Leicester with complex needs with 100% transparency and support.

This includes;

  • A dedicated management team
  • Transparent tracking
  • Domestic and international services
  • API integrations to the MyNexus system
  • Scaling resources for seasonal peaks
  • Bespoke and oversized pallets
  • Single and full load deliveries

    With a base close to your company, we also support all communication and delivery needs with bespoke options. These include regular meetings in your offices, the freedom to save costs by choosing to bring pallets to our hub, or even having a dedicated Pall-Ex member work from your office to reduce communication lag. We believe by working together, we can improve the economy as a whole and drive investment and growth through superior service delivery. If you want to get a tailored quote, or just want to know more about how we can help you get your products out the door, contact us today.