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A quality membership

Made up of quality-driven hauliers, the Pall-Ex network really can deliver excellence.

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Achieving Excellence Together

Our members are quality-driven hauliers who collectively form the award-winning network we are today.

We have quality members covering every single postcode within the UK, who collect and deliver thousands of palletised freight consignments every day. All working under the ISO standard for network-wide quality, we collaborate to form one of the leading pallet networks in the UK and throughout Europe.

Every pallet requirement is different, in most cases to get the best, most cost-effective quote it's easier to contact your local collection member directly. 

For bespoke services or for a high volume of freight, please contact our sales department who will be happy to provide a solution that works for you. 

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“We joined the Pall-Ex network in 2004. After extensively researching the pallet networks available for membership, it became clear to us that Pall-Ex was the one that we wanted to be a part of.

“At that time Pall-Ex, unlike other networks, had already identified the differences that there were when it comes to London deliveries and the unique challenges that London hauliers face. Pall-Ex had bespoke solutions to combat those challenges, rather than sticking to a “one size fits all” mentality.

“What we really like about Pall-Ex is that it’s a network that works with its hauliers, and we know that we have a voice and will be listened to. We’ve seen many changes in legislation and operating processes since our membership began; from the introduction of congestion charges, to the London 2012 Olympics and continuous issues with parking at delivery points. Together with Pall-Ex, we’ve been able to refine our operations to ensure that our services have remained unrivalled within London; which has allowed our customer base to continue to grow and our business to thrive.”

- Adam Hopcroft, Managing Director

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