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Why choose a career in logistics?

Here are 9 Reasons Why – From the Pall-Ex Team!

A thriving sector, the logistics industry is worth over £90 billion to the UK economy.

Logistics is all about getting items from A to B through the complex system of road, air, sea and train freight. Behind the marvels of next day delivery, fully stocked supermarkets and busy international trade is a small army of tactical and strategic logistics workers.

The world will always need the planning and resources required to keep a supply chain moving for both businesses and individuals, and the logistics sector is going nowhere.

It is, however, evolving fast, and new talent with a range of skills and insights are always in demand.

9 Reasons to Start a Career in Logistics

We surveyed over 40 Pall-Ex employees across 12 departments, asking about why they chose a career in the logistics industry.

48% - started at an entry-level job

91% - said logistics was never mentioned as a possible career path at any point during their education

19% - never thought about having a career in the logistics industry

Only 12.9% surveyed said they planned for a career in the logistics industry

A range of skills are required for logistics (not just driving a lorry!)

“I work in logistics and I don't drive a lorry. People still think logistics is all about only trucks.” Sibel Guntekin-Sood, International Network Manager

Logistics in the UK is run by companies large and small who require a wide range of skills to keep the supply chain running smoothly. This includes everything from data analysts to health and safety specialists.

The logistics industry is powered by dedicated and talented people

"What do I love about the logistics industry? It's the simplicity. People try and over-complicate but at the end of the day, it is all about people. Great people working together make unbelievably powerful teams. That is the difference.” - Mark Steel, Director of Sales and Marketing

It is not just big data that lets logistics run smoothly, but it’s the people who make it – busy people, talented people, driven people, people strong enough to keep a complicated sector running where disruption is the norm."

There are always unexpected opportunities – no matter your talents

“I don't think people realise how much scope there is for a marketing professional in a palletised freight distribution network.” - Abby Langley, Marketing Manager

Logistics requires a range of specialisms, from customer services to big data analysis to marketing and event planning.

You will never be bored in logistics

“Working in logistics, I never have two days that are exactly the same. It’s a fast-paced environment, things need to be done and usually fairly quickly. I always have to be ready to adapt and work out solutions to new challenges that arise every day.

“We treat everything we do with the utmost of importance for our customers. By ensuring each one gets their goods delivered on time is really rewarding. Seeing the relationship develop and progress thanks to our service successful gives me a real buzz.” - Kirsty Green, Strategic Partnership Manager

Millions of items must move from one location to another every single day, and every day will introduce a new challenge to overcome or problem to solve. This means a strong work ethic and fast reactions are required for the sector. One thing is for certain – you will never be bored!

Logistics is about going places – so will you!

“I get to travel sometimes which is refreshing as it gives me the opportunity to work in different environments. I also think there's a stigma around 'accounts' which would suggest it to be quite a dull field to work in, but that is actually a myth, working in accounts is rewarding, challenging and quite enjoyable.” - Alex Walton – Assistant Accountant

Logistics jobs often require travel – both local, national and international! If you love working in a variety of places with a variety of teams, there are plenty of opportunities to get out there and see your work (literally) in motion!

Logistics is a world of opportunity

My first introduction to logistics was only meant to be short term but very quickly I realised that logistics (unknown to me) was a world of opportunity. If you have a desire to learn, grow and excel as an individual, logistics is a great place to be. Your career opportunities can be endless (if you work hard enough).”Dipesh Patel, IT International Business Manager

Once you have a grounding in the sector, you start to realise how flexible a space it can be – there is a chance to move both up and laterally across skills. Logistics requires dedication and enthusiasm, but the rewards are plentiful. As online retail booms, the supply chain is only about to become more complex, and more skilled people will be required to keep retail turning.

No day will be the same when you work in logistics

As technology evolves on both sides of demand and supply, roles evolve with the times. Those in logistics are always learning something new. The requirement for the sector is vital to our economy, and the people need to stay ahead.

Logistics is the perfect sector to advance the skills you have already developed

“University gave me the skills I needed to get this job. However, working at Pall-Ex has taught me so much more and helped me to adapt what I learned to challenges I face every day in the logistics industry.” - Harry Marshall, Marketing Assistant

You will find job satisfaction in transport and distribution

“I started a Transport Management degree at University but decided to take a planned year out and ended up settling into a career, earning money and bought a house. The industry is ever-changing! Many of us within the industry stay here for a long time because every day is different; it is challenging and at times exhilarating, especially when a plan is executed well and the results are good.” - Will Gardner, Head of QHSE & Operational Improvement

It may be easy for us to say, but there is enormous satisfaction in being part of the industry which keeps every industry and economy on the planet turning. Every time you solve a problem, you know that has contributed to keeping the supply chain running. It’s hard yet fulfilling work.

Pall-Ex is supporting the RHA's #Lovethelorry week to help promote the haulage industry as a fantastic sector to work in. To find out more information or to get involved please click here or search #lovethelorry on your social feeds.