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Pall-Ex invests in flu vaccination clinic

Pall-Ex Group has invested in the health of its workforce by providing free flu vaccinations for all of its staff within both the Pall-Ex and Fortec networks.

This is the first time that Pall-Ex Group has invested in an on-site flu clinic, provided by LloydsPharmacy, and it is hoped that this move will support the staff in staying healthy and safe this winter.

With 47 staff members receiving the vaccination during the one-day clinic at its Leicestershire hub, it is hoped that a high proportion of staff will be protected from the flu virus which will be vital to ensure the business remains successful as pallet volumes continue to grow as Christmas approaches.

The vaccinations will not only protect employees and the business but will reduce the strain placed on local and national health services, especially in the current climate with Covid-19 still prevalent throughout the UK.

Will Gardner, Head of QHSE & Operational Improvement at Pall-Ex (UK) Ltd and the senior management team have been instrumental in bringing the flu clinic to Pall-Ex.

Will comments; “Whilst the vaccine is not compulsory, as we acknowledge our employees have a freedom of choice, they are encouraged to take advantage of the service, as it will protect not only them but their friends and families too.

“In England in the 2019/20 flu season, 7,990 deaths were attributed to flu with the majority of these being amongst older people. Whilst no vaccine is 100% effective, studies last year showed people with the vaccine were on average 42.7% less likely to get flu with those in the 18-64 age range 63.9% less likely.

"We are committed to protecting employees and hope that this initiative is something we will carry on into future years. With the current COVID-19 situation it is especially important that employees feel valued and this is another example of how we are trying to keep our workers safe during winter.”

The flu jab contains inactivated extracts from different strains of the influenza virus.

This activates the immune system, which produces antibodies that, should an individual be infected with the same strain at a later date, will then be ready to fight the virus.

Each year the World Health Organisation (WHO) identifies strains of flu virus likely to be in general circulation, with vaccines then produced to combat these.

Pall-Ex’s investment means staff have access to a vaccine that could cost around £15 each if they were to self-fund.

Members of staff who are remote from Pall-Ex’s central hub in Leicestershire, as well as Fortec Distribution Network staff, will have access to free vouchers that can be redeemed at any local LloydsPharmacy, nationwide.

Pall-Ex Group CEO, Kevin Buchanan has supported the clinic since the idea was proposed early in the year.

He comments; “I am proud that the Pall-Ex Group is once again taking steps to protect our employees.

"We identified a requirement for a flu vaccination earlier in the year and as a result of this, we were able to secure the vaccine ahead of many other businesses.

“I am hopeful that we will continue with this initiative in future years as our team have really seen the benefits of the vaccination clinic in 2020.”

For more information about the flu vaccination, or to book your own, visit;