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Members come together as Pall-Ex Group sets out strategic ambitions

Pall-Ex members came together last week at the Pall-Ex Group Conference, which set out the business’ strategic ambitions for 2022 and beyond.

Held at the Jurys Inn Hinckley Island, Leicestershire, the conference welcomed members of the palletised freight network from as far afield as Dublin, Cornwall and Glasgow and it was the first time the Group’s conference had been held in person since the onset of Covid-19 in March 2020.

The conference was sponsored by The Barcode Warehouse, the UK’s leading specialist technology provider of barcode and RFID solutions and industry-leading mobility managed services and is a longstanding partner of Pall-Ex Group.

The event saw keynote presentations made by senior members of the Pall-Ex Group team, including Group CEO Kevin Buchanan and Managing Director of UK Business Units, Barry Byers.

As Pall-Ex looks towards the future, the conference was the perfect opportunity to engage with its membership and deliver key messages that will drive success in the years to come.

The message at the heart of all the presentations was “achieving excellence”.

The theme, which is aligned to the strategic ambitions of Pall-Ex Group, was chosen to inspire both Pall-Ex staff and the pallet network members to strive for excellence in everything they do on a daily basis.

This was reinforced in every presentation throughout the day, with all aspects of the business covered, including operations, commercial, network compliance and marketing.

Managing Director of UK Business Units for Pall-Ex Group, Barry Byers closed the conference and took time to speak to members throughout the day in order to listen to their thoughts and suggestions on how the Group can further increase its success going forward.

When asked about the value of events such as the annual conference, he said: “This has been the first real opportunity I have had to speak to our members on this scale since I joined the business in early 2020.

"Holding conferences like this is the best way to impart our strategic ambitions to the members and get them onboard with what we will achieve together. Excellence is at the heart of what we do and making sure our members understand our ethos and want to contribute to achieving excellence is critical to the success of Pall-Ex Group as a whole.”

Barry continues: “After such a long time, it is great to see so many people together again and being able to speak to and listen to them is important as it allows us all to learn and develop together.”

In addition to the presentations at the conference, members were able to put questions to the senior management team of Pall-Ex Group, ensuring they were kept as informed and updated as possible.

Pall-Ex Group CEO, Kevin Buchanan gave a short presentation to open the conference last week and shared his vision for 2022 and beyond.

Speaking about this, he explained: “When the senior team discussed the direction we want to go in, we had two choices – mediocrity or excellence.

"By choosing to strive for excellence, we are securing the future of Pall-Ex and that of our shareholder members."

Pall-Ex continues to grow its UK membership and is always looking to speak to quality, likeminded transport companies who are dedicated to achieving excellence.

To find out more about becoming a shareholder member of Pall-Ex, please visit:


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