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Improving industry perceptions: Xclusive Recruitment

It’s no secret that the transport industry is not one of the most glamorous of industries; in fact, the general public’s perception is, unfortunately, that it’s a bit “rough-and-ready”.

The current perception that the public has of the sector is hindering the recruitment of much-needed fresh talent to drive our industry forward.

So says David Doolan, director of Brackley-based Xclusive Recruitment; who believes that the national industry associations and carriers need to continue to work together to improve the sector image.

“We all know that if a teenager is asked whether they would be interested in a career in the transport sector, it is very unlikely that they would respond with an enthusiastic ‘wow, I want a career in pallet networks, express parcels or logistics!’.” Doolan commented. “They may consider that a role in the transport industry would be best summed up by two words – lorry driver. It’s vitally important to change this outlook.”

With its broad spectrum of business facets, from IT systems and technological developments, customer service, sales, infrastructure, HR, sales and marketing etc., the sector offers a dynamic, challenging and vibrant career choice.

“At the moment, candidates do not automatically search for a career in the logistics market, so it would be a very positive and necessary step if we could find a way of making the industry more attractive. We want and need people to aspire to join it rather than fall into it by accident or coincidence,” added Doolan.

Doolan called upon the FTA, RHA, CILT, and other industry bodies to continue to work together to actively promote transport as a career option and as an exciting industry, to further build upon the RHA’s annual ‘Love the Lorry’ campaign and other similar initiatives.

Kevin Buchanan, Pall-Ex Group managing director, supported David Doolan’s comments:

“Logistics isn’t just about driving a lorry, and we need to educate the younger generation about the wide variety of roles and opportunities available within the sector.

“Pall-Ex has supported the RHA’s ‘Love the Lorry’ campaign since its inception in 2015; which focuses on why different people within the industry love the sector. Our staff got involved and shared their favourite aspects of working within logistics, as well as their outstanding career achievements. The campaign really highlighted to everyone, myself included, the breadth of different people within Pall-Ex who have been essential to the network’s success.

“I would welcome a joint initiative to showcase this brilliant industry and to give bright futures to the people that join it.”