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A. Davies Wins Excellence in Freight Management Award

Based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, A. Davies Transport won this year’s Excellence in Freight Management Award, which was sponsored by Marsh Commercial.

The Pall-Ex awards recognise members every year who have made an outstanding contribution to its pallet network.

Andy Davies, Managing Director of A. Davies Transport, details what drives the team forwards, and why the company took home the prestigious award.

Managing Director at A. Davies Transport, Andy Davies, explains, “We’re a family-run business running 30 vehicles and 50 trailers, based in Ossett, Wakefield. We cover the majority of the WF postcode for Pall-Ex.

“We also offer a nationwide service on our general haulage side of the business. As well as this, we also offer storage from our 25,000 sq ft facility, with on-site fleet maintenance.

Andy continues, “It was fantastic to receive this year’s award for excellence in freight management. The team here at A. Davies Transport works tremendously hard to deliver a fantastic service for our fellow members.”

A. Davies Transport and Pall-Ex’s partnership

Andy explains, “We originally joined Pall-Ex in 2009, over a decade ago. We did leave to join another network after moving to Barnsley, purely because a different delivery postcode was offered.”

“However, we only left for around 12 months, then re-joined Pall-Ex. The grass isn’t always greener!”

The technology provided by Pall-Ex is fantastic, and ever-evolving, which helps us to offer our customers fantastic solutions.”

Why did you choose to join Pall-Ex?

Andy continues, “We had only been trading for two years when we joined Pall-Ex. After speaking to Chris Tancock, who was the point of contact for Pall-Ex UK at the time, it was a no-brainer.

We were delighted by the opportunity given to help grow our business in this sector.”

“Our customers were delighted with our increased service offering. We could offer reliable track and trace systems, guaranteed overnight deliveries throughout the UK as well as highly efficient distribution services for palletised freight across Europe.

“Offering international solutions to our customers is imperative, and Pall-Ex allows us to comfortably offer this service to all our customers who require it.”

What made you become a shareholder member?

Andy answers, “We knew right away that it was a fantastic opportunity. Becoming a shareholder member meant we could be part of the journey with Pall-Ex.

“There are exciting times ahead, and it was a no-brainer to be a part of the management team’s vision for the future of Pall-Ex and all of its members and customers.”

What are the main advantages and disadvantages of your location?

Andy explains, “We are fortunate to be based in a great location just off the M1, junction 40. As such, we have great links all round.

“One of the challenges is that we do cover a lot of distribution centres within our area, meaning delays can be an issue at times. It’s all part of the job though, and all about communication with fellow members!

“Another advantage is that we have technicians on-site for maintaining our 30 vehicles and 50 trailers. As such, we’re able to service our own and outside vehicles, as well as run a breakdown vehicle for small fixes on the go, such as tyre changes.”

The future of A. Davies Transport

As a business, we are always looking to grow, but sensibly and with the right type of work that fits our operation.”

“We work closely with a number of members, not only as directed by Pall-Ex but just for supporting each other with backloads, etc, on our general haulage side of the business.”

If you’d like to know more about joining Pall-Ex, simply get in touch with the team, and a member of staff will be able to answer any questions you have.

Alternatively, browse our member case studies for further information on being a member of Pall-Ex.


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