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Pall-Ex Connect

Pall-Ex Connect provides regular, flexible, secure and efficient road services throughout Europe.

It is as easy for you to send consignments from Manchester to Madrid as it is from London to Leicester. You can benefit from complete coverage of the continent, full track-and-trace visibility, and simple, fixed-rate tariffs.

We also offer bespoke solutions for your global freight movements. Weekly departures from our central hub, straightforward quotations, and a range of secure and reliable transit options, mean it is easy for your business to expand worldwide.

Your gateway to Europe and beyond.

Wherever your freight is destined, we provide the distribution solution you need.

Pall-Ex Connect Europe

Advancements in cross-border technology mean that continental distribution is just as simple, reliable and cost-effective as our industry-leading domestic service.

Connect Europe is ideal for anybody who is looking for quick and secure road services to Europe. With complete European coverage and Pall-Ex's signature track-and-trace visability, you can be confident that your freight is in good hands and will reach its destination on time, every time.

Beneficial features include:

  • Day-specific delivery schedules
  • Simplified quoting process
  • Simple tariff based on fixed pallet dimensions
  • Real-time track-and-trace infrastructure across all territories

Pall-Ex Connect World

Connect World is our solution for global freight movements. This flexible and bespoke service features regular departures from our central hub to multiple destinations around the globe.

Whenever you require reliable global freight distribution services, contact our international service team, who will assist you with your booking.

Beneficial features include:

  • Weekly departures from our hub
  • Your choice of destinations
  • Flexible transit options available

For more information, our international service team is available on 01530 239069 or connect@pallex.com.

Alternatively, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch:

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