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Founded and run by Nick Pearce and Kim Brand, K2 Transport was established in Sussex in 2013. The full-service logistics provider then saw fast growth from a single lorry to a fleet of 14 vehicles in 2018, with plenty of plans for the future.

K2 Transport joined the Pall-Ex freight distribution network in 2016 in order to diversify their customer base by providing specialised pallet delivery services alongside general haulage services. Membership of the Pall-Ex network helped boost business growth while still retaining exceptional standards for customer service and clients. 

K2 also grew their general haulage base through their involvement with the Pall-Ex network, which was a significant benefit for the business.

Being part of a network means gaining the benefits of a network. Owner Nick Pearce elaborates:

“We have grown a network where we can help each other – if we have a slow day, we can ease pressure off those who have more to transport, and vice versa. Joining the membership was a natural step for K2 Transport and has acted as a catalyst for business growth, allowing us to diversify into new markets and increase our client base.”

Providing Quality Services with Pall-Ex

K2 Transport joined Pall-Ex initially as a single depot, so staff could work hard on ‘getting it right’ before expanding. K2’s aim is to consistently deliver when it comes to customer expectations, ensuring the right product arrives at the time expected. This need for quality is driven by the mantra:

“We’re only as good as our worst day!”

Pall-Ex, the leading freight distribution network for quality, was a natural partner choice for K2 Transport, providing tools and technology to help deliver quality and customer satisfaction consistently.

K2 Transport’s rural location means a niche customer base and a need to ‘drive smarter’. Technology such as the new MyNexus portal, where depots can track pallet deliveries in real-time and keep customers informed, helps with the sometimes-unpredictable nature of rural delivery.

“MyNexus is brilliant, and a welcome addition to what Pall-Ex offers. It helps network members and, most importantly, the customer experience”.

Building Strong Relationships Through the Pall-Ex Network

The network helps with not just expanding your reach as a logistics provider, but as a marketing tool that boosts brand awareness, providing a positive effect across all services, not just pallet distribution.

The far reach of the network has also helped K2 Transport give their customers what they need. K2 Transport works closely with our member in Ireland, Ace Express, to transport pallets across the island. Of course, membership of the Pall-Ex network also means depot customers can also expand their global reach, with access to the European Pall-Ex networks.

The Future of K2 Transport – Growth in the Era of Next Day Delivery

The future is looking great for K2 Transport, with momentum continually pushing the business forward. 

“As we see eCommerce growing and customers buying through independent sellers on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, we are now investing further in our digital presence and the digital arm of the business”.


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